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The Master was an advocate both of learning and of Wisdom.
"Learning," he said when asked, "is gotten by reading books or listening to lectures."
"And Wisdom?"
"By reading the book that is you."
He added as an afterthought: "Not an easy task at all,
for every minute of  the day brings a new edition of the book!"

Anthony de Mello, S.J.*

Self-Help and similar books, however, can serve as "starters" by implanting new and more expansive ideas in your mind. Such books — even the most excellent ones — can also be "abused" as comforting "soul candy": read to soothe, inspire and make you feel good but little of their content truly applied. And if you don't actively implement some of the advice given, chances are the effect will not last much longer than the time of your reading. There is something, however, which is likely to always remain with the reader*, a generally "wiser" and more relaxed stance ("Everything that happens happens for your higher good" etc.) towards the problems (oops, challenges :-) life may present, which of course is wonderful in itself. Personally, I have read and reread Orin's books many times since the love and comfort I drew from them were so great.

So it is with these qualifications that I most highly recommend all Orin titles (channelled by Sanaya Roman) available — they are all excellent, filled to the brim with practical loving advice on how to successfully deal with and learn from a world that often is much less than loving, and how to be a loving "ray of sunlight" on this planet. These books can teach you enormously about the art of dealing lovingly with yourself and others, and I trust the excerpts provided will give you a glimpse of what I mean.
Do remember to apply the advice given if you wish to reap fuller benefit of these books (or similar ones, for that matter).

*...and be it only in their subconscious which stores anything it has ever been exposed to and which apparently is a powerful conditioner of our day-to-day behaviour

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Living With Joy Living With Joy : Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation (Earth Life Series, Book I) by Sanaya Roman. 1986 Here are excerpts from Living With Joy and the table of contents. Many reviews can be found at Amazon.

Personal Power Through Awareness
Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People (Earth Life Series, Book II) by Sanaya Roman, 1986. This book is much more of a brilliant self-help book than the title would suggest. Here are the table of contents and extracts from Personal Power Through Awareness. Reviews at Amazon.

Spiritual Growth Spiritual Growth : Being Your Higher Self (Earth Life Series, Book III) by Sanaya Roman.
Here the table of contents and some excerpts from Spiritusal Growth
. Many reviews can be found at the Amazon website.

Creating MoneyCreating Money: Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Here the table of contents and some
extracts from Creating Money. You will find many reviews at the Amazon websites. Insights into my personal money attitudes and sinuous journey at On the role of money as an institution & achieving balance between service to others and service to self.

Soul LoveSoul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers (Soul Life Series, Book I) by Sanaya Roman 1997. Here are some
excerpts from Soul Love as well as the table of contents. You will find many reviews at the Amazon websites.

OPENING TO CHANNELOPENING TO CHANNEL — How to Connect with Your Guide by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer. Here are some
extracts from Opening to Channel as well as the table of contents. Many reviews can be found at Amazon.


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A few remarks on the value and reliability of channelled information

I have read comments on this phenomenon saying that channellings convey a mixture of truth and non-truth or that the entities coming through are looking for attention. I feel that the former might often be accurate. In fact, Dr. Hawkins contends in Power vs Force that there is no area of human endeavour where there is more (often unconscious) deception or untruth than in the area of channelling.

On the other hand, I don't think that all channelled entities are attention-seekers — just think of those who don't even provide a name such as "The Group" channelled by Steve Rother. Also judging from my own and others' experience, [at the very least] some people seem to genuinely want to help, and drawing attention to themselves may be a side effect but not the original intent and motivation.

And I definitely think there is value and help to be gleaned from certain channellings. I continue to love Seth and Orin (channelled by Sanaya Roman), the first for opening my mind in a believable (intellectual) manner to the unlimited mind-boggling possibilities which may be our inheritance, the second for lovingly showing how to turn every problem under the sun into something constructive and thereby actually positive. I also love Edgar Cayce of whom you will find a few quotes in Helping Others & Yourself. I consider his teachings perhaps the most encompassing and enlightening love & purpose-of-life teachings ever given to humanity.

One yardstick for how to measure the truthfulness and/or value of channellings may be "love" or a positive answer to the question: "Does this information make me a more loving and knowing person?" My answer is a resounding Yes for both Orin and Seth and of course, Edgar Cayce.

The below text meant to help you discern intuition as to its source may also work as a yardstick to help discern the value of channelled texts.

blue vine

Ego vs Higher Guidance
(Author Unknown)

The more aware we become, the more intuition develops for us. The more we can access our intuition, the faster we grow and change. The key is to understand the language of intuition. How can you tell if the 'inner voice' is Spirit's, other beings, other people's projections or your own judgmental thoughts? The tips below will help you discriminate and discern the TRUTH.

Read the list over often and get a strong sense of how to discern higher guidance. Expand your inventory of how you sense the higher or lower information that comes into your physical and non-physical senses.

Lower Levels of Information ----------------- Higher Levels of Intuition
(Ego) ------------------------------------------ (Higher Self)

demand obedience or surrender ----- suggest, advise, u make yr own decisions
conflict with one's personal ethics --------------- no conflict with personal ethics
create fear, negativity --------------------- create love, inspiration,empowerment
are generalities, long winded ------------- are relevant, short, intelligent, unique
are conditional ----------------------------- are unconditional, appropriate, natural
appeal to curiosity, ego -------------------------- appeal to goodwill, beauty, unity
from confusing, competing voices --------------- from still, single knowing voice
affirm ultimate authority for itself ----------- counsel surrender to higher power
require no personal effort --------------------------------------- need personal effort
guidance from subconscious --------------------------------- guidance from the Soul
emotional desires, glamour -------------------------------- higher spiritual guidance
benefit the receiver ----------------------------------- benefit the good of the whole
fixed interpretations ------------------------------------ many levels of interpretation
create dependencies ------------------------------------------ create interdependence
promote separation ------------------------------- reflect oneness, wholeness, unity
are self conscious -------------------------------------------------- are other conscious
affirm mediocrity --------------------------------------- promote making a difference
reflect a part of the whole ------------------------------------------- reflect the whole
are emotional, mental ------------------------------------------------------- are intuitive
focus on things ------------------------------------------- focus on essence and values
result in loss of self --------------------------------------------- result in self discovery
focus on desires, wants ------------------------------------------- focus on soul needs
address individual --------------------------------------------------- address community
deal with form ------------------------------------------------ deal with symbols, truths
concerned with self will ---------------------------------------------- reflect divine will
create victims ---------------------------------------------------- require accountability
are sporadic ---------------------------------------------------------------- are disciplined
create stress ------------------------------------------------------- create peace of mind
are personal --------------------------------------------------------------- are impersonal
are restrictive --------------------------------------------------------------- are expansive
are particular ---------------------------------------------------------------- are universal
are controlling ---------------------------------------------------------------- are allowing
focus on self ----------------------------------------------------- focus on others or Soul
focus on destination --------------------------------------------------- focus on process
are exclusive ------------------------------------------------------------------ are inclusive
are judging ------------------------------------------------------------------ are accepting
are scattered ------------------------------------------------------------------ are focused
are limited -------------------------------------------------------------------- are unlimited
focus on material ------------------------------------------------------ focus on spiritual
are reactive ------------------------------------------------------------------ are proactive
are concrete ------------------------------------------------------------------ are abstract
focus on past, future ------------------------------------------------------ focus on NOW
deal with personality ------------------------------------------------------ concern SOUL
produce inertia --------------------------------------------------------- generate growth
stuff in ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ draw out
focus on quantity -------------------------------------------------------- focus on quality
are selfish --------------------------------------------------------------------- are altruistic
are superficial --------------------------------------------------------------------- are deep
create resistance ------------------------------------------------------------- create flow
focus on lack ---------------------------------------------------------focus on abundance
are static ---------------------------------------------------------------------- are dynamic
focus on ME ------------------------------------------------------------ focus on humanity
create illusion ----------------------------------------------------------------- reveal truth
focus on work ----------------------------------------------------------- focus on service
focus on mine -------------------------------------------------------------- focus on Spirit
use force ------------------------------------------------------------------------- use power
focus on effect ------------------------------------------------------------ focus on cause
take --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- give
produce fear -------------------------------------------------------------- experience love
emphasize doing -------------------------------------------------------- emphasize being

* With thanks to Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala


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