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Orin (and likely other beings both embodied and etheric) speak of lower-vibrational and higher-vibrational feelings, where those of the negative range (fear etc.) represent the former and those of the positive range (love, joy etc.) represent the latter (also cf. my upcoming Ecstasy, Bliss, God: Personal Experiences). In fact, the English language seems to hint at a similar link between vibration/frequency and emotions by its use of the expressions "feeling low" vs "feeling high".

A similar link can be seen in the fact that we tend to move faster when feeling good versus when not feeling good, that our voice gets higher when sharing exciting positive news and gets deeper when sharing the opposite (and perhaps even the fact that children and women have typically higher voices than men, with both of the former frequently considered somewhat more advanced in the spiritual sense).

Additionally I've sometimes seen physical illness described as denoting a "lowered vibration" of the physical body.* The following relates a short dream of mine in wich I was literally healed. To my feeling, the dream hints at my healing involving an "increase in my internal speed" which had been lowered while I was ill. Here is what happened:

I had a wound that wouldn't heal (there was guilt involved) for a full six weeks, bleeding often, together with intermittent fever. One night while sleeping I found myself in a somewhat secluded green valley-like place (possibly in the Near East) lying on some kind of stretcher. Two biblically-looking men in long white flowing gowns with a girdle were busy manipulating my aura (or something). They were unsmiling, giving me the feeling that they somehow disapproved of the action that had caused my non-healing wound. Then, each one from one side, they started to push the stretcher with me lying on it, accelerating it like a toboggan on a straight slightly upward-curving path, until c. 10m further away I had reached a little elevation (perhaps 1.5m higher) and a very high speed, at which point I broke through a whitish fog (i.e. the scene vanished) and I "landed" in my bed, where I woke up in a sweat — and was healed (the wound closed, and I had no more fever).

I'd be interested in hearing from you if you have had similar experiences.

* In this context, it is interesting that falling ill often seems to be associated with negative feelings. One example is "catching a cold" after undergoing great stress (where one of the official explanations of course is that stress kills vitamin C in the body), but there are likely numerous other examples pointing to disease and negative feelings going hand in hand, not least those researched by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. Conversely, it is well-known that positive feelings are associated with better health, healing disease and increased longevity.






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