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Personally the only chart with mostly  (90+ %) accurate (but not exhaustive) information on myself I ever received was made with the SOLAR FIRE software (I had three done in total). And no, it wasn’t just all flattering. ;-)

This chart also includes one’s “ray” influences (my vastly predominant ones are ray 2 and 6, which accurately reflects me), one’s predominant houses etc.

Later I had a specialised chart made to learn more about my asteroids which was established using a different software. To my disappointment, I learned that this reading moved my Sun (previously in the 11th house = Aquarius which reflects me very well) to house 10. Upon enquiry, I learned that the software used by the astrologer for establishing the chart was based on the (different) Koch system of houses.

So based on this (admittedy limited) experience, I would advise to enquire which house system is being used before having any charts done, and if it is the Koch system, not to have the chart done by that astrologer/software.

Incidentally, Alice Bailey writes (and this makes sense to me) that as your soul (i.e. love/unity consciousness) takes over, the planets lose their grip on you, i.e. only as long as one is still mostly thinking, acting and living from one’s personality (ego) level (based in the idea of separation), astrological birth data (I believe they are actually birth choices) will affect one, nudging one towards various spiritually immature behaviours, patterns etc. ...













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