Emotional-energetic human-plant connections: experiences with the effect of emotions and words

Energetic connections: some personal experiences with the effect of feelings and words on plants

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In my experience, plants respond to human emotional energy and are intimately connected with their “owner” (even long distance, as already shown by Clive Baxter and/or other researchers cited in Tompkins/Bird’s “The Secret Life of Plants”) as well as responding to those around them. I have a few interesting personal experiences involving house plants which cannot be explained by anything other than energetic interchanges “of the third kind”. I think they illustrate the intimate energetic-emotional connection existing between plants and their owners.

Let me preface the following somewhat sad “case histories” by stating that normally, my plants do well and  that flowers are the love of my life.

Energetic connection with plants: experience number one

My most dramatic experience with my plants involved a 3-day trip I took to my former hometown (which is 550 km away from where I now live), to take a major exam which meant “everything” to me. This exam has a low success rate with only a quarter of students or less each year passing it successfully. In spite of being very well prepared and considered by both my teachers as the best student in my training course, I was extremely scared and didn’t sleep a wink the night before while my heart pounded at a rate of 120 beats a minute. The following day, I successfully passed the exam, even getting a “1” (=A) in one of the subjects which as I was being told afterwards, was the rarest of occurrences. In high spirits, I returned back home.

Upon arrival, what greeted my eyes was the following sight: three of my plants, all formerly radiantly healthy, had died! Drooping and with half of their leaves lying on the floor, they also resisted my best efforts at reviving them.

I had only been gone for three days, had appropriately watered them before leaving and they were healthy when I had left. So my only explanation is that the excessive stress I had felt while absent was directly communicated to them over a 550 km distance, literally killing them.

Energetic connection with plants: more illustrative experiences

I once bought two identical plants and put them side by side by the window. I then (this sounds crazy, I know, and it is) got afraid of one of the plants (I won’t tell you the reason, it just had become symbolic of something I was deeply afraid of). While I continued to look after both plants as before, the one who received my negative thoughts/feelings died within a week, without me having any such intention or expectation, of course. Just the fact that I didn’t send this plant love but the opposite energy sufficed to deprive it of its life force or even “will to live”.

I have seen two similar instances. One occurred when I had sublet my apartment for a few months and the new tenants didn’t like my plants. Several of them became sickly (but at least some recovered when I returned). Another involved a friend who I am convinced managed to kill one of his plants which he didn’t like with a similar energetic “mechanism” at work.

Do plants listen when you talk to them?

The following snippets are from a gardening list I am on. “My mother likes to do garden work. One day she actually talked to her fruit tree. She stated, ‘Be fruitful or you'll be cut down.’ The fruit tree has never had any fruit for the past 5 years but that summer, the tree was fruitful!” Another member commented: “...we might never know for sure whether it is coincidental that the fruit tree is starting to bear fruit at the 6th year or whether it was the talking, but if we assume that the talking works, then the assumption is that the plant can listen and understand. If that is the case, then I think the "be fruitful or you'll be cut down" is too harsh. Wouldn't it hurt the feeling of the plant and maybe it will still bear some fruits next year, but it will be rebellious and never fully cooperating? Maybe your mother should apologize to the plant and tell him/her/it that she didn't mean it. She just meant well and wanted him/her/it to be mature and productive.”
Another person shared the following: “My high school Horticulture teacher always talked to his plants and recommended that we do the same. He always said you would have more beautiful plants if you did.”

It seems conceivable that the plant and/or its deva (see e.g. the Findhorn material) receive and react to the intent behind the words.





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