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 Excerpts from
Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers
Book I of the Soul Life Series
by Sanaya Roman


Sanaya (pronounced Sah-nay-ah): I welcome all of you who are reading this book. If this is your first Orin book, I am delighted you are joining us in awakening your heart centers and learning more about soul love. If you have read other Orin books, I am glad to have this opportunity to join you again as you take another step on your path of spiritual growth.

This book was "given" to me by a nonphysical guide who calls himself Orin. People often ask who Orin is. When I ask Orin, he replies that who he is does not matter; what is important is the message he brings and how useful that message is to you. He wants the focus to be on you and your growth, not upon himself.

I experience Orin as a being of great love, wisdom, and compassion. He never
tells people what to do or how to live their lives. When asked, Orin will offer suggestions and ideas to assist people in seeing more choices. He has a constant message: that the universe is friendly, that it is unlimited in its abundance, that everything is happening perfectly for our good although we may not always understand why, and that we can choose to grow through joy rather than through struggle. He encourages you to accept only the ideas presented that seem true to the deepest part of your being, and to set aside any that do not.

Orin tells me he is a Being of Light. He says he is working with us at this time because humanity is going through a major transition and awakening. Orin has lived an earth life and is aware of the many challenges of living on the earth plane. He says that he now "lives" on the soul plane and in even higher realms. One of his purposes is to serve humanity. Part of his service is to offer people a path of spiritual growth and to assist people in reaching their higher self and soul. In this book he is offering you a way to awaken your heart centers and to live in your soul's rhythm of love, serenity, and oneness.

I am in a relaxed, yet alert state of awareness when I bring Orin's messages through me. I am fully present and aware of both my own thoughts and his. When Orin is with me, I do not feel as if I am in a trance state; my voice does not change, nor do I lose consciousness. Orin says he communicates with me through a form of higher telepathy. He impresses my soul and higher mind with messages that are then received into my conscious awareness. Orin says that although his energy and light are available to any who call upon him, he will not bring messages and information through other channels until after my lifetime.

Orin's words express only a fraction of what I am experiencing. There is a richness of feelings, pictures, and illumination transmitted with them that is beyond description. I feel his contact as if I have expanded into a world of light and joy. It is as if through Orin I can experience a world of increased understanding, greater awareness, and more compassion and love. The ability to reach this state of awareness is an ability that everyone possesses. It is a matter of listening, opening, and allowing yourself to expand beyond the "you" that you know as your normal awareness. It involves letting your identity grow into one that includes a more expansive perspective. Many of you experience this when you are doing work you love and feel clearer, wiser, and more inspired than in your normal state of awareness. Some call this expanded state channeling, inspiration, creative thinking, intuitive insight, or expanded awareness.

Several years ago, after finishing the book Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self, the third book of the Earth Life Series, Orin told me he wanted to write a book called Soul Love. It would be the first book of the Soul Life Series, a collection of books teaching people how to love as their soul, to awaken their heart centers, and to create soul relationships. Soul Love sounded like a wonderful topic, and I looked forward to beginning.

However, it seemed that Orin had other things in mind. I had been offering classes on creating abundance with a man named Duane Packer. We were also teaching people how to connect with a guide. We had made the information we taught in classes available through the books Creating Money: Keys to Abundance and Opening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide. After the book Spiritual Growth was published, Orin and Duane's guide, DaBen, wanted us to start teaching a new course in spiritual transformation called Awakening Your Light Body. This course teaches people how to expand their consciousness to experience the higher dimensions of light. People then learn how to bring light from the higher dimensions into their daily lives, and to use it to transform their physical body, emotions, mind, and daily reality.

I kept wondering when Orin would tell me it was time to start the Soul Love book. When I asked, Orin would tell me to keep expanding my consciousness through awakening my light body. Awakening my light body increased my sensitivity to the subtle energies of my soul, the higher dimensions, and the Beings of Light. Finally, several years later, Orin told me it was time to begin Soul Love.

I had several hundred sessions with Orin to bring through the information contained in this book. Some information also comes from Orin meditations, talks, and teachings given over a ten-year period. As Orin and I worked on this book, we spent many hours in meditation. We connected with the souls of all of you who would be awakening your heart centers, and who wanted this soul connection with Orin and me. I felt the joy of this connection as I channeled and wrote. You have come to seem like my family on the soul plane. I already know a few of you; however, there are many of you whom I have not met in person. Although I may not know your face or name, I do know the beauty and light of your soul.

As I connected with my soul and awakened my heart centers through using the processes you will learn, my life changed in many ways. Although I thought my life was fine before I started, I came to realize it could be even better than I had imagined. As I felt my soul's power, presence, and love, I gained a greater trust and confidence in myself and in the universe. Awakening my heart centers taught me new ways to love others that were more empowering than my old ways. As I connected with other people's souls, my relationships changed for the better.

I look forward to joining you on the soul plane as you read this book. My soul will be present in the group of souls you will be guided to connect with as you continue. Together we will join others to meet and blend with our souls, to awaken our heart centers, and to call upon the Great Ones to awaken the heart centers of humanity. My love is with you as you read this book and embark upon the wonderful journey of awakening your heart centers that lies ahead.

Introduction by Orin

Greetings from Orin! As you continue, you are doing more than reading a book; you are undertaking a journey of transformation. You are embarking upon a wonderful adventure of meeting your soul and learning to love as your soul does. Many wonderful changes can happen as you read and open to your soul's love and wisdom. You will be planting seeds of growth and expansion that can unfold for weeks and months afterward. Some seeds may sprout immediately, and others may blossom over time.

In Section I, Blending With Your Soul, you will journey to the soul plane where your soul lives. You will receive transmissions from the Beings of Light to assist you in meeting and blending with your soul. As you become aware of the beauty of your soul, you will know how special, unique, and perfect you are. You will discover how to tap into your soul's love, light, will, power, and presence to create wonderful and powerful changes in your life.

In Section II, Awakening Your Heart Centers, you will blend with your soul to awaken your three heart centers. The first is located in an area around your physical heart. I call this your primary heart center or heart center (singular). The second is the heart of your head center, located in an area near the middle of the top of your head. I call this your head center. The final heart center is your solar plexus center, located in an area near your navel. I will call this your solar plexus center. When all three of these heart centers are working together, you can express a wise, expanded love called soul love.

Soul love is a steady, consistent radiation of the Universal Presence of Love that is the very essence of the universe. Soul love is a state of being a part of the oneness - where you are accepted and where you accept, where you are loved and where you love, and where you feel connected to the greater whole of which you are always a part.

Evolve and expand your love through soul contact.

As you awaken your heart centers, you can use your expanded love to change your relationships for the better. You can love with a wise heart that empowers others. You can operate from the calm, compassionate, and loving serenity of your soul. You desire to love, and you surrender thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that stand in the way of love. You let go of power struggles, release the barriers to love, and more consistently express soul love.

In Section III, Creating Soul Relationships, you will learn how to love as your soul and to create soul relationships. You will discover how to work with the magnetic love of your soul to attract a soul mate. You will explore finding and fulfilling the higher purposes of your relationships. You will learn how to work with the universal laws of relationship to create what you want in relationships. You will uncover new ways to love yourself and others. You will join with your soul to change aspects of your relationships that no longer serve you. You may choose to release or decrease your involvement with people who do not respond to your love, and draw to you people who do. All your relationships can be loving and supportive; they can all enrich and nourish you.

In Section IV, Receiving and Radiating Love, you will call upon the Great Ones in a celebration of love. You will draw their love into your heart center and become a beacon of love for humanity. You will make wheels of love to be in harmony with your family, friends, and groups of people. You will learn how to work with Masters, Beings of Light, and Enlightened Ones to radiate love to humanity. You will join them to send love to people in need, to children, and to other kingdoms, such as plants, animals, and the earth itself.

Before you continue, you may want to take a moment to close your eyes and make an inner connection with me. I will send you a special transmission of light and love to prepare you to awaken your heart centers. All you need to do is ask for it, and then open to receive my transmission of love. While you are receiving this transmission, affirm that you are willing to know your soul and to love as your soul does.

All you need do is ask if you want to receive transmissions of light, energy, and love from myself and any other Being of Light. From our realm there is no
time and space, and we are aware of everyone who contacts us. Anytime you want to receive our transmissions of light, mentally give us your consent. You may sense our energy at those times, or you may have no conscious awareness of it. We will send light to your soul, under its guidance and with its permission.

Creating the Relationship You Want

Orin: You may be trying to find or create perfect love in your life. Pure, clear, true love exists at the soul level, between souls. Even the most understanding person will not always be able to love you the way your personality wants to be loved. Some may come close, yet there will always be places where you do not feel completely loved, understood, or appreciated. With this knowledge, you can be more understanding and forgiving of others, knowing that they could never completely satisfy you.

You can stop looking for the perfect person to love, or stop trying to change the people you are with to make them please you more. Instead, you can look at how what you are experiencing in a relationship mirrors something that is occurring within yourself.

A universal law of relationships is that to create the relationship you want, you need to focus on creating the essence of what you want, rather than on a specific form. What is essence? It is a feeling, a soul quality; it is the soul love you want. When the essence is missing, no form will work. When it is present, many forms will work.

For instance, the essence of what you want may be a caring, loving connection. You think you will experience this if someone takes you out to dinner--a specific form. However, if this person takes you out and does not make a loving connection, the form of "going out" will not bring you what you want. Yet, if this person makes a wonderful loving connection with you, many forms will work, even staying at home.

No outer forms will bring you lasting joy. The personality is never happy for long. When some of its desires are filled, it comes up with a list of new ones! When you open to receive the essence of what you want rather than needing love to come in a specific form, love can come to you from anyone and everyone, bringing you true joy and lasting happiness.

Creating a Soul Relationship

The Oneness of Love

While serenity is a basic quality of love as expressed from your heart center, expansion into the oneness is a basic quality of love you can experience as your head center awakens. As your head center is stimulated by your heart center, your consciousness expands. You become more aware of your connection to the oneness, to Spirit, to the All-That-Is. You grow more conscious of the life-force energy around you in all dimensions, up and down the evolutionary spiral. Every aspect of love is expanded as your head center awakens, including your ability to feel the serenity of love. Your love grows wiser and more inclusive as you become conscious of the larger universe you are a part of. As this center awakens, you are drawn to do those things that make a contribution. With your expanding awareness and greater love, you join a higher flow, harmonize with the energies about you, and are in the right place at the right time. You become a force of love that empowers and serves the larger group you are a part of. Everything you do adds love, bringing back to you all the best the world has to offer. Picture a stone being thrown into a pond. Ripples move outward, touching every part. Energy that affects one area moves out to other areas. Just as with the pond, you affect and can be affected by the energies around you, both those on the earth plane, and those in other dimensions. You are part of the oneness of all life. Experience the expansion into the oneness that comes from linking your heart and head centers. Recall how you expanded your consciousness by focusing on the Solar Light when you journeyed to the soul plane. Start by feeling your connection to your family. Draw in Solar Light and expand your awareness, feeling your connection to all your friends, your co-workers, and then all the people you know. Continue to stimulate your head center and fill yourself with Solar Light. Enlarge your awareness to encompass people in your neighborhood, city, and state. Expand your awareness until you can include all
the people in the world. Keep drawing in Solar Light and stimulating your head
center with light from your heart center. Sense the animal, plant, and mineral
kingdoms, holding all of them in your awareness. Continue to increase the scope of your awareness by thinking of the soul plane and all the souls here. Look out into the sea of light and see the souls of humanity as points of light. Detect the soul of the earth as a magnificent, enormous, radiant light in the sea of light. Find the Beings of Light here--the Masters, angels, Being of Love, and Enlightened Ones. Observe their beautiful souls as they appear to you in the
soul plane. You might notice that their souls' lights are so large and bright that they can be easily seen, like beacons of light. You have now expanded your awareness to include more of a larger universe. This is the web of life of which you are a part. You are still an individual, yet your consciousness has expanded. Feel how vast your consciousness has become as you sense your connection to this larger group of life. Every time you connect your heart and
head center you expand into the oneness. Every time you sense your onnection to the web of life of which you are a part, your head center awakens.

Chapter 9 - The Serenity of Love:

Becoming Magnetic to Love

Orin: Your soul is serene because it knows how to magnetize love. Your soul does not struggle or work hard for love. It experiences an abundance of love all the time. You can experience the magnetic quality of soul love and draw love and all good things to yourself. Sense the magnetic quality of this field of love that emanates from your heart center, located in an area around your physical heart. Imagine magnetic rings of love spiraling out from your heart center, drawing love to you in all its forms, aspects, and expressions. As you radiate soul love, you are magnetic to the beauty and love within people and to all good things that the universe has to offer.

Many of the things people do for other people are for the purpose of receiving
love in exchange. You may have been taught that love was something you had to earn through your good behavior and through fulfilling other people’s needs. You may have trouble setting boundaries with others, thinking that to do so you might hurt their feelings or push away their love. If you think love comes to you only when you earn or deserve it, it is time to experience the magnetic quality of soul love.

Reflect on your relationship to someone important. Are you working hard to earn this person’s love, doing things you do not truly want to do? Are you being pulled between doing what you think the other person wants you to do, so that this person will love you, and fulfilling your own goals, aspirations, and
soul’s directions? What do you think this person might do, or how might this person feel, if you stopped doing the things you are doing to earn love?

Magnetize love and
all good things to yourself

Sense your heart center, filled with your soul’s magnetic love. It is not what you say or do - it is the love that is the essence of your being that draws people to you and keeps them with you. Fill your heart center with your soul’s love. Radiate the magnetic quality of love to the person you have chosen. Feel how magnetic your love is to receiving love in return.

Translate your soul connection into a statement that defines for you the new way you are going to think about this relationship. You might say something such as, "I offer you soul love. It is the most important gift I can give you. I now magnetize the highest and best that our relationship has to offer." If it applies, you can also add, "I will no longer work or struggle to win your love. I will not try to win your love by anticipating your needs and filling them. I will honor your ability to fulfill your own needs." Take a moment to think about all the love you have received from this person. Appreciate how magnetic you already are to love. Recognize all the ways that you easily and naturally draw love to yourself.

Feel the difference between being magnetic to love, and working hard for love. When you magnetize love you stay in the center of your being and in touch with your soul. Love flows out from you and draws love to you. You do not send your awareness out to others to anticipate their needs and moods so you can then behave in certain ways to gain their love.

When you are magnetic to love you stop doing things you do not want to do so others will love you. Instead, you do things that are loving to yourself. When you are magnetic to love you are not dependent upon one person as your source of love; you can receive love from anywhere and everywhere. You are serene because you know you can experience an abundance of love by radiating soul love that magnetizes love in all of its forms and expressions to you.

Soul love is serene because it is unconditional. You soul loves without needing to receive anything in return. Soul love is a shining light that lifts, soothes, and comforts all who come within its sphere of influence. Its love flows out generously and freely. It does not measure how much love to give, how deserving people are. Your soul offers love without needing appreciation, acknowledgment, praise, or reward for its love. Soul love does not come and go based on the actions or reactions of others. Your soul gives love to others without caring how others use this love or even if they use it. Feel the serenity that comes from giving love without needing to receive anything in return.

Experience the unconditional love of your soul by receiving your soul's unconditional love for you. Your soul loves you without needing anything from
you in return. It loves you when you are close to it and when you are not. Its love is like a river, a current that is always there for you to tap into.

Radiate unconditional love to someone important in your life. Have you been wanting something from this person, such as acknowledgment, or for this person to act in certain ways before you love him or her fully?

As love flows through your heart center, create an affirmation that reflects your unconditional love, such as, I offer my unconditional love to you. I love you without needing to receive anything in return. Think of a few times when you have offered love to this person without expecting anything in return. Acknowledge how generous and unconditional your love already is. See yourself expanding your ability to offer unconditional love more frequently and in a wider range of circumstance.

When you radiate unconditional love you can feel serene, for you do not need other people to do anything in return for your love. You receive the riches of your soul when you give love generously and unconditionally, for all the love you give comes back to you multiplied.

Table of Contents of Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers

In Appreciation ix Preface by Sanaya xi Introduction by Orin xv How to Use This Book xxii

Section I
Blending With Your Soul 1/ Preparing Your Personality 3 2/ Journey to the Soul Plane 9 3/ Meeting Your Soul 16 4/ Blending With Your Soul 23 5/ Living
as Your Soul 29

Section II
Awakening Your Heart Centers 6/ Preparing to Awaken 39 7/ Awakening Your Heart Center 4 8/ Soul Linking 53 9/ The Serenity of Love 63 10/The Oneness of Love 76 11/The Will to Love 88 12/Surrendering to Love 100 13/Soul Love 113

Section III
Creating Soul Relationships 14/Attracting a Soul Mate 129 15/Discovering the Higher Purpose of a Relationship 141 16/Creating the Relationship You Want 150 17/Dissolving Obstacles to Love 161 18/Exploring New Ways to Love 174 19/Changing or Releasing a Relationship 185

Section IV
Receiving and Radiating Love 20/A Celebration of Love 201 21/Making Wheels of Love 211 22/Radiating Love 220 Teaching the Soul Love Book 231

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