Using tarot card readings for “highest good of all” guidance in challenging situations

Using tarot card readings for questions & “highest good of all” guidance in challenging situations

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Beginning the session
Interpreting the spread
How I think the cards work
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Two to three years ago, I've discovered (for myself) the use of Tarot card spreads to get answers to important questions about which I feel insecure and fearful. I do this very rarely since I try to involve (and do think I receive guidance from) “spiritual helpers” from higher-vibrational places of “light and love” upon whose time and attention I do not want to impose any more than “absolutely necessary”. I think there is something sacred about the guidance received so I’ve only used the cards five times so far for major issues with which I felt a need for "higher" help and guidance. (In fact two of these readings were for my best friend.)

Beginning the session

I will start a card laying session by asking very sincerely and in a helpless-child-like way  to receive help with my question. I ask for assistance and guidance to be given from the highest beings residing in the highest divine love and light, or those highest ones that I am able to contact, and that the proposed solution be for the highest good of myself and of all beings, i.e. reflect a manner that allows the highest good of all to be served. In fact I may repeat this request several times: for my highest good and everyone else's (which I hope are the same anyway!).

I trust that this will prevent both any ego-based desires and subconscious negativity as well as lesser-vibrational entities (which are not coming from love and goodwill) from influencing the upcoming cards. I trust that this approach works well for me and also keeps the results "objective" (i.e. free from lower-vibrational interference on my part), instead of reflecting mere ego wish fulfillment which doesn’t serve my higher good and the good of the all.

(And after recently reading “Remarkable Healings” by Dr. Shakuntala Modi I can’t stress enough how important it might well be to indeed work and ask for assistance only from beings residing in the divine light of love.)

Interpreting the spread

To interpret the tarot cards, I consult two books written by an “authority” (reputedly the best in the field in Germany). Nearly all spreads so far were amazingly accurate and to the point as well as reassuring (without the books on how to interpret them I would have been rather clueless, however).

The spread I have mostly used (where one lays out seven cards in a certain pattern, with the cards "blindly" chosen from the full tarot set of nearly 80 cards)
suggests only since the author (similar to myself) doesn't believe in a future cast in stone (I believe that the future carries many probabilities [quantum reality comprising many possible futures among which we choose via our thoughts, intentions & expectations]).

This particular 7-card spread addresses/covers both past (how we have thought, acted, felt and appeared to others in the issue at hand so far) and suggests future actions, feelings and ways to present ourselves to others/the situation in question... I could tell how accurate the spreads were particularly by the way the past was described in the cards relating to it... mostly very spot on! (And with nearly 80 cards in the pack, there are over 7 million different spreads one could get when drawing 7 cards. How likely is it to get cards that truly describe the essence of what you have done/felt/thought?)

How I think the cards work

Personally I believe these cards to work in the following manner: after addressing my question to the "universe" and asking for help as above regarding the best cause of action, I am guided to draw certain cards by the invisible "energies" around me such as my higher self, spirit guides etc. In fact, a few years ago, when I drew cards at a seminar, what actually happened as I was pondering which card to pull next, is that one of them visibly lit up. Upon checking the cards later, I saw that all of them had exactly identical backs, so the illusionary "lit" effect was created for me by "someone" or something clearly trying to guide me to this card....

Some more interesting personal observations

When I asked for help re a friend’s wisest decision regarding a legal issue involving a client that had conned him, greatly abusing his trust and helpfulness, it was highly interesting to see that the upcoming cards did not address the question per se in any obvious way. What they did address, however, and in the strongest repetitive “terms”, was the fact that he had closed his heart for fear of ever being hurt again in the same manner, and his need to start opening to others anew instead of living like a recluse in a protective shell. He hadn’t even been aware of this issue (but simply been living it).

In another spread, the “guides” showed a delicious (but technically untranslatable since a German play on words was involved) sense of humour.

Perhaps this or some similar technique is something you might want to try for guidance as well.





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