Personal comments and experiences with the Orin material

The Orin Material (Channeled by Sanaya Roman): Personal Experiences

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Some personal comments and experiences with the Orin material

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More personal experiences

As mentioned on the welcome page, Orin's books are full of loving practical advice on how to deal with major and minor challenges in daily and not-so-daily life, lovingly showing how to turn every problem under the sun into something constructive. I owe Orin a huge debt of gratitude for the help his work has given me in my life, and I trust if he is "for you", you will find great value in him too.

Re Orin's teaching on personality, soul and spirit:
On the unrealness of 3 D reality

I once had a wonderful core experience. I had been immersed in some of the deepest stress imaginable for weeks when a friend came and did what he said was "chakra balancing" on me. As he laid his hands on various "chakra points"* on my body, I suddenly "jumped" out of my body and, floating bodilessly, knew and felt I AM BLISSFUL SPIRIT.

As I blissfully glanced towards my body seated about two feet away from me, I realized: all the problems this person was experiencing in 3 D were somehow NOT REAL.

This amazing experience may apply to all of us. No matter what the problems (mine include, among many, actual near-starvation, so I am not speaking lightly) — these problems are somehow not real when viewed from a "higher" perspective (and the book "A Course in Miracles" [ACIM] indeed proposes a similar notion).

That said, however, I wish to add that suffering when personally experienced seems certainly to be FELT as extremely real, so personally I (and I suppose most others) wouldn't proceed to tell people in the throes of deep physical or psychological pain that none of what they feel is truly real. Compare in this respect my extensive article on "helping": Is giving money and/or other help always for the highest good of all concerned? My own experiences & reading, particularly regarding the question of how to best handle beggars in the street as well as Orin's and Edgar Cayce's spiritual advice on helping others.

* Scientific validation of chakras (part of the human energy field or aura)

Re Orin's tapes and CDs

A few years ago, I bought a number of Orin tapes and CDs (incl. most of the Millennium/Divine Will series), since I was desperate for help. I listened to them a few, a number of or many times ("Divine Will" in particular) and then "shelved" them. I think they were definitely helpful but I may have purchased too many of them, i.e. a few tapes might have sufficed to get me started. (Btw, one thing I don't understand is why the tapes are charged $9.98 — isn't that usually applied for the sole purpose of manipulating people into thinking they are less than $10 when they virtually aren't?)

Partially owing to using Orin's products, particularly his books, I have gained a much more philosophical stance towards problems (now rebaptized into challenges ;-). Due to Orin, it seems, I have been firmly anchored and become aware of the pivotal role of love and opened to the new (for me) concept of light and experiences with light (see my upcoming Heart of Pure Love Dream Experience. I think Orin can serve as an important stepping-stone or catalyst to allow one to progress towards one's "next stage of evolution". In his own (paraphrased) words: "I have come to open doors for you and to give you back your power, not to take it from you."
Incidentally, my first break-through spiritual love was Seth (more about this on my
site devoted to Seth and his works, featuring extensive excerpts, a comprehensive listing of Seth-related titles and more).

My experience with Orin's (Sanaya Roman's) Divine Will tapes

could be summed up into: a free course of psychotherapy. As I invoked the various divine wills (or tried to, I mostly had no direct experience and also continued to doubt their reality — after all, what we "know" about them is "just" channelled), scenes and feelings of my childhood (which was very traumatic) kept coming up. Example: in the week where the group concentrated on the Will to Unify, I felt horrible since I couldn't feel anything of what was supposed to happen to me. As I lay there feeling bad at not feeling any energy or love coming to me, I suddenly felt and started to cry about the vaguely remembered fact that my mother didn't come when I called for her. This kind of memories, connections and insights into my (mostly very early) childhood coming up and being triggered happened continuously and could be likened to the purging of my soul of some of its ballast...

A very important experience in connection with Orin's Divine Will tapes was the following: for years I had had a recurring nightmarish dream: I was back in the final year of grammar school but unable to pass my Abitur (German school-leaving examination which allows access to university studies and which in waking reality I've passed quite easily and successfully). Try as I might, in the dream I didn't manage to pass this major examination... But on the day after I started joining and working with the Divine Will study course, I had a wonderful dream: I had successfully passed this crucial test and was joyfully dancing in the school's corridors... and since then, I never again had that previously recurring nightmare...

My newest love: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): Healing Mind and Body By Reestablishing Healthy Energetic Flow

I recently (November 2006) more properly discovered EFT, a relatively new DIY technique to overcome emotional and, simultaneously and frequently, physical problems by tapping certain energy meridian points. While the technique used in EFT may sound simplistic and unbelievable, I am blown away by the reported successes and after using it for only a few weeks have already felt what seem to be significant positive effects regarding issues of long-standing fear as well as emotional pain I had coming up. I believe that since we are basically pure swirling energy and, looked at through a powerful enough microscope, mostly consist of empty space with atoms thrown in at vast distances from each other, that there are few things more important than addressing and "balancing" our "energetic" aspects and foundations (as particularly evident in our feelings). EFT when properly applied apparently does that and has induced powerful emotional and physical healings for a huge range of complaints, sometimes (but certainly not always) within minutes. Having undergone extensive primal therapy (Arthur Janov), which is based on the assumption that only "crying off" (or other emotional release such as banging pillows, screaming etc.) will allow one's soul to heal the effects of past trauma, I have long since suspected that there must be a "better" (shorter and more effective) way and tool of addressing and resolving past issues which negatively impact one's life in the present. I now believe that EFT furnishes that tool. In sum, I think EFT can conceivably be helpful with anything at all, and have covered its background at Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): Healing Mind and Body By Reestablishing Healthy Energetic Flow.

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