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"The mind has 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day. When 1,000 to 2,000 of these
daily thoughts are directed to a goal, it will come rapidly."
Orin in "Personal Power Through Awareness"

Hi and welcome!

This site is born from my great love for Orin (channeled by Sanaya Roman), the most love-and-light-orientated entity I know, and his work.

Here you can download free

  • Positive Spiritual Affirmations by Orin (© Sanaya Roman) et al., plus a super
  • Affirmations Flasher (© 2005 by Rick Xavier) who shares it as Freeware. This
       customizable program allows one to have one's own affirmations flash
       onscreen, thus bathing the mind as long as desired in the thoughts of one's
  • You'll also find

  • Links to Orin-related sites
  • On the value & reliability of channelling
  • "The Power of Words" © 2003 Spirit of Nature
  • Comments on my personal experiences with the Orin material
  • Spiritual love & light affirmations for support in healing one's life
  • All Orin books with a personal "general introduction" and excerpts
  • Tips: optimizing the use of affirmations & (subliminal) messaging programs
  • Helping others : personal advice & experiences. On service to self and others
  • Helping others & oneself: spiritual Orin (& some Edgar Cayce) advice
    collated from his books which I found very helpful in dealing with these
  • Ho'oponopono: On (Self) Love as the ultimate healer and the entire world as
    your responsibility & projection
  • "Light As Healer" Meditation: Mystic Max Prantl On The Inner Sun As The Key
    to the Doorway Leading into the Eternal Sun
  • More personal thoughts, vignettes & experiences both normal & "paranormal" (several still upcoming)

  • My dream involving a heart of pure love and a "white light sphere"
  • Using tarot card readings for "highest good of all" guidance
  • A few personal experiences with astrological charts
  • My reincarnation dream (as real as my present life)
  • "Increase in speed": my wound healed in a dream
  • Energetic connections: my experiences w/ plants
  • On vegetarianism as a spiritual growth tool
  • My experience with ecstasy, bliss & God
  • On visionaries and missionaries
  • Light & love prayers

  • Background

    As I read and reread Orin's books full of loving practical advice on how to deal with major and minor challenges in daily and not-so-daily life, I started to record (and translate into German) in both spoken and written form all of the affirmations forming part of his books.

    I owe Orin a huge debt of gratitude for the help his work has given me in my life. I hope you will find value in him too. In his own (paraphrased) words:
    "I have come to open doors for you and to give you back your power, not to take it from you."

    Light and peace,


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