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Excerpts from

Personal Power Through Awareness : A Guidebook for Sensitive People

(Earth Life Series, Book II) by Sanaya Roman

Chapter I - Greetings From Orin

I invite you to explore with me the universe you know so well. We will view it from a slightly different perspective, in a way that allows it to take on an added dimension, and unsuspected richness. It is the world of energy that exists all around you. This book will enable you to see more clearly the energy world you exist in, to understand the belief systems, mass thought forms, and telepathic energies of others which affect you. It is a course in bringing the unconscious into consciousness, delving into the mystery of the unseen energies in and around you. There is much beyond what you see with your five senses, and it can affect you. As you understand these unseen energies, they can become a tool to assist you in getting to wherever you want to go.

Looking at energy closely is like looking at a familiar object through a microscope. Although it is still the same object, it looks different up close. This course will act like a microscope, helping you view the unseen energies around you in greater detail, turning and adjusting the focus to provide a different perspective. It is the same world you have always known, but as you understand and perceive it in new ways it will reveal its secrets to you.

You can learn to recognize the energies you pick up subconsciously.

The microscope, in this case, is your awareness, your innate ability to focus your attention on whatever you choose. Not only do you perceive the world through your physical senses, you also pick up information constantly at a nonverbal, intuitive level. Your thoughts are the doorway to sensing energy, and you inner eyes provide the tools for changing and working with it. You can learn to heal negative energy, to increase your ability to visualize, and to have telepathic communication with people, knowing what they are thinking of you and how to work with their nonverbal messages. We will be working with our inner world. Part of sensing energy is hearing the messages all around you. You need not be affected by other people's bad moods. You have the ability to heal every time you notice negativity, to help people evolve, to increase the positive energy around you, and change the nature of your personal relationships.

You are like a radio that can receive many stations. What you receive depends on what you pay attention to.

Many energies exist that affect you throughout the day. You are also a broadcasting station with a home base, a frequency, and a mind set. The way you perceive, judge, and react to your thoughts throughout the day grounds you in your reality and is the basis upon which that reality is created. As you become thoroughly familiar with your reality, you may leave it, for there are many realities you may step into once you are familiar with your own home station. You have a greater identity than you can imagine; you can unlock your present identity to experience even more of the richness of who you are.

Because you are like a radio, you can learn to set the dial and receive whatever information you want. You are telepathic; you receive and send messages all the time. In this book you will learn how to control the messages you pick up, choosing what you want to hear, and letting go of broadcasts you do not want to receive. You will learn how to tune into other people’s energies, to assist and heal them, and to come from a place of greater understanding. If you want to become successful, if you want to experience greater peace and love between you and other people, if you want to move out of the denser energies into the finer ones, you can learn to do so. You can learn to identify thoughts and feelings from others you do not want to tune into, turning off their broadcast and linking with the higher energies of the universe instead. You will learn to open your intuition, that ability to sense and understand events at a deeper level, and open to receive guidance and answers to your questions.

The information and concepts in this book are presented in a way that will help you open to a deeper part of your being, triggering the memory of this and much more knowledge that already resides within you. You may experience my energy behind the words, which will help bring out the buried knowledge in you, awakening parts of you which have been slumbering. You meet these parts of yourself frequently in your dream state. You can bring them into normal, waking consciousness.

Mankind as a species is awakening to many new abilities. These abilities are part of the evolutionary journey of man. The human aura - the energy surrounding the body - is evolving. With this evolution comes the ability to sense what used to be unseen, invisible energy. That energy can now be recognized, interpreted and directed; that which was unseen and unrecognized can now be visible and known.

You are evolving rapidly and the evolutionary journey of man is continuing to take a leap forward. When you look back into the days of the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man you can see your bodies have changed; your ability to sense energy has changed radically also. Even the five senses have changed. For instance, earlier man did not have the ability to see all of the colors you can see today.

Your energy centers are opening, your ability to be aware of and affected by previously invisible and unseen energies is increasing.

You can learn how to use these newly awakened senses. They are already awakening and present in you or you would not be called to this information. I am acting as a guide, one who has traveled before in these realms of energy that you are beginning to explore. Things such as telepathy, precognition, the ability to tap into new scientific inventions, discoveries o[r] information not yet known, and an increased connection with universal consciousness will become the norm as evolution takes its course. The awakening of man is a journey into awareness of the higher realms. It is possible now for many to learn what was before only possible for a few. The awareness that used to take years of training in special techniques and meditation is now possible for many to achieve without years of special preparation. The evolutionary journey is one of awakening consciousness, and I will help you in this course to discover, understand, and nurture the awakening that is already present within you. If you are drawn to this information, then you are certainly developing and experiencing your latent abilities. You can use them to operate more efficiently in your everyday world, coming from [y]our higher self and creating immediate changes in your life.

Many of you grew up as very aware, sensitive children.

Many of you grew up in environments that often seemed inexplicable, in situations that did not seem to match who you are. Some of you felt different from those around you, as if you had an added dimension of awareness that other people did not have. Many of you felt emotionally sensitive, and it may have seemed that things that did not bother other people affected you greatly. You often did not know what was you and what was other people. Because you were telepathic and emotionally sensitive, you may have taken in other people's feelings and emotions and thought they were your own.

Most of you are gentle, loving, and sensitive, wanting to develop your personal power in ways that honor both yourself and others. Many of you had painful childhoods, not understanding how to deal with the rigidity o[r] negativity you found around you. Often you were not recognized for who you are - a being of light and love wanting an opportunity to spread that joyful abundance of spirit. You who are evolving this new "sixth sense" are on a rapid path of growth, and need to discover your own uniqueness and skills.

As you open, it is important to develop wisdom, release pain, and rise above negativity.

As you begin sensing and interpreting the subtler and unseen energies of the universe, you will be developing the skill to know which energies to let become a part of you and which to release. I will show you how to be unaffected by the pain and negativity in other people, how to help yourself and others rise above it, and how to reach and connect with your higher self. As you grow more aware of what you are sensing, you also have the opportunity to become more aware of your higher self, and the guidance that is available to you from the higher realms of the universe.

You can open to your greater consciousness, travel into dimensions and realms that have not yet been explored, see yourself in larger and expanded ways. You can learn to see and understand who you really are, and begin to find answers to questions such as "Why am I here?" and "What is the meaning of life?" As you explore and awaken to these subtle energies, many doors will open and many new worlds will be there for you to discover.

I invite you to explore your greater being, to use your sensitivity to know the magnificence of who you are. Join with me. Explore your inner guidance and higher self as we journey together into the higher realms of the universe. In love and light, Orin.

Chapter II - Sensing Energy

As you read this, sit in a comfortable position. Use every sense you have. Feel your breathing in your chest, face, mouth, and throat. You have many faculties for sensing energy; it is only a matter of paying attention to them. For a moment, listen to every sound in the room and outside of it. Become aware of your sense of smell, of touch, of the feeling of the clothing on your body, of what you are sitting on. Pay attention to any taste in your mouth. Close your eyes and think of all the things you have looked at today, as if everything you saw was in a movie you went to. What pictures did you put on your movie screen today?

Besides these familiar senses, you have another faculty you use all the time - your ability to sense energy. You use it whether you are consciously aware of it or not. You make decisions based upon the energy you sense. As you closed your eyes to think of the things you saw today, you used a process called visualization. You ran a movie inside your mind, reliving and reseeing what happened. In the same way, you can close your eyes and think of a rose, imagining that you are smelling its delicate fragrance, envisioning the color and the shape of it. You can picture sticking out your tongue and tasting it. All of this happens inside your mind. The ability to sense energy comes from the same place.

Each of you has the ability to visualize, for I believe everyone can think of a rose, either to picture it or feel it. This is the process you will use to become aware of the energy you live around. You can learn to feel the emotional energy in a room of people, picking out which person is emitting energy that feels like anxiety, upset, or joy. You can learn to change the effect of that energy by closing your eyes, focusing with precision on the energy that is bothering you, and changing its impact with your mind. Just as you can close your eyes and visualize a rose, so can you use the process of visualization to heal people and work on energy that you do not like, or would like to evolve.

The process of visualization can transform energy from negative to positive.

It is a process of becoming aware of your inner being. You have what I call inner eyes. You will use your inner eyes to sense energy. Your inner vision can work in many different ways. Some of you are able to picture the rose, some of you simply have a sense of it. Each of you has your own method of visualizing energy; there is no one right way to sense it.

Some of you see auras as colors; others see them as feelings or thoughts about people. Some of you are not aware of what you are doing when you sense energy but realize it later. To sense energy accurately, learn to quiet your own self, step outside your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and become a blank screen so that you can read impressions. Learn to know who you are. Just as you can pay attention to the sounds in a room and nothing else, so can you pay attention to the telepathic and unseen energy that is also there.

First, you will want to find out how your inner eyes work. When you hold an object, do you sense a feeling, color, word, image? Each of you uses a different method; learn to recognize your own processes. Some of you sense energy by becoming highly emotional, some of you by creating mental images and pictures.

Sensing Unseen Energy Around You

What effect do people have when they walk into your home? Most visitors in your home add to the positive energy in it, for most people focus on those things that they like and admire. But if critical people come in and think, "How ugly this is, how bad this is," they contribute to the negative energy in your home. Be aware of what kind of people you invite into your home.

Everything you live around is charged with your thoughts and energy. Every time you look at your house and think, "This is too small; I don't like it," you send that energy into your house. It will be there to help bring you down. Every time you say, "What a wonderful place I live in, how fortunate I am to have this place," you make your home your friend and ally. Then, at times when you are not feeling good, you will find solace and comfort in your home. Hating something ties you to it, and if you want to move to a better place, start by loving what you have.

Watch how you respond when you handle those mundane things that come up every day. Every time you tense up when a light bulb goes out, or get upset when your car makes a strange noise, you create a tension that becomes a magnetic force and draws to you the next wrong thing. Tension or upset in your body magnetizes more problems to you. If when you first hear a strange noise in your car, you relax, put a smile in your heart and on your face, you avoid creating more negative energy in the future. I am not saying you won't have to handle the problem that is there, but you will have stopped yourself from creating a new problem. Learn to focus in on present-time and be aware of your environment.

You are constantly being sent signs from the Universe about what path to take.

Not only are you surrounded by energy that can affect you negatively or positively, you are always being sent guidance. You can learn to read and interpret the messages to help you make the decisions you need to make. Part of sensing energy is learning to hear the messages all around you. There are telepathic messages in your relationships with your loved ones, wives or husbands, with your co-workers, bosses, or employees. There are many ways in which you can be aware of their energy.

All of you have the ability to heal every time you notice negative energy, to help people evolve, to increase the positive energy in your homes and change the nature of your personal relationships. You need not be affected by other people's bad moods, be they mechanics or clerks, co-workers or supervisors, waitresses or advisors. If you are a clerk, waiter, mechanic, or supervisor, you can learn how not to be affected by the moods or behavior of the people you connect with all day. People can bring you down and make your life harder - or give you an opportunity to heal them. This week, whenever you go into a place and you notice you do not like the way you feel there, STOP. Relax. Think of how you want to feel, and begin to visualize yourself as feeling that way.

Chapter III - Understanding Unseen Energy

Orin: You are a magnificent energy-sensing device. You can sense energy in many ways, with touch, sight, hearing, smell, feelings, thoughts and physical sensations. You can sense the universe in ways that will give you much valuable information. You can become aware of the future you are setting up for yourself, and learn how to make choices in the moment that put you in a higher flow.

The first skill to develop for sensing energy is the ability to pay attention. Start by observing any area about which you want more information. As you think intently about something, you will begin to receive guidance, ideas, and new thoughts about the area or issue you are thinking about.

After you stop and pay attention, the next step is to assume an attitude of confidence, and trust the information you are receiving. When you first begin to tune into your future, you may doubt what you are receiving, and wonder if you are making it up. The doubt can be a friend if it keeps pushing you to be more accurate and precise in what you sense, as long as it does not stop you from continuing. Begin by believing in what you are sensing.

As you sit quietly and ask to see what lies ahead for you in a certain area of your life, thinking of a decision you want to make or a path you want more information about, bits and pieces of information will begin coming to you. Your intent to know the future sends your mind out to that future time, and it will bring data back to you. Sometimes information comes as a vague feeling, such as a feeling of joy or discomfort.

Do not hold expectations of what you will experience. It is also important not to judge your initial attempts but to simply let any impressions come in. When you first begin to receive impressions, suspend your judgment. Do not be critical, asking, "Is this right or is this wrong? Am I just making this up" for that will stop the impressions from coming in. Let the impressions continue to flow.

You may even want to jot them down, for you will discover later that what seems obvious and simple as it comes through often seems profound later on. Feedback is a very important part of your reality. In your world, actions create reactions, and it is important to be able to observe what reactions your actions cause.

Another faculty you can use to sense energy is your imagination. If you want to sense energy, sit quietly and pretend you can do so. If you do not know how to do something, pretend that you do. The subconscious accepts whatever you pretend is real and will use it to create your outer reality.

Focusing on the information you want is like sending out a laser beam of energy that goes out into the future, and lights up that area. It is like a beam of energy that goes out from you and sets up, like a telegraph wire, a way for energy and knowledge to come back. If there is anything you want to become aware of, focus upon it, for whatever you turn your attention to you will create.

If you are trying to look into the future, to see the outcome of something, often the information will come back not through your mind, but through your body. If when you think of a certain path, you feel heavy inside, your body is telling you there is a better way to do it. Keep imagining possible futures, varying slightly the things you are thinking about doing, until you have a light and joyful feeling. Learn to monitor yourself, for you are an energy-sensing device, and as you monitor yourself, you can begin to find the clues and the answers that are there.

Light Play : Understanding Unseen Energy

You can become more aware of the outcome of taking various actions as you do the following exercise:

1. Think of a choice or decision you need to make, or a probable future you would like to sense more about.

2. Put your body in a relaxed, calm state, and quiet your emotions. Take a few deep breaths until you feel calm and centered, alert and aware, and in the present moment.

3. Think of an action you want to take around this choice, decision, or probable future.

4. As you think of it, imagine time passing, as if you are going into the future to experience the results of this action.

5. Pay attention to your body. Do you feel a sense of relaxation, or is your body tightening up as you go into the future with this action?

6. Observe your emotions. Do you feel a sense of joy, aliveness, relief, or do you feel tenser as you think about the future after you have taken this action?

7. Picture yourself taking a different action. Be creative, and think of something different you could do.

8. Once again, sense time passing, as if you are going into the future to experience the effects of this new action. Again, notice the feelings in your body and emotions.

9. After picking the action that has the best feeling, imagine that you have now taken this action, and that it is five years from today.

10. Imagine you are your future self. As your future self, what message do you want to give yourself of today about taking this action? Let your imagination run free and have fun with this. Make up what will happen. (You might want to record this vision somewhere to look at later.)

Chapter VI - Bringing the Unconscious Into Consciousness

Orin: You can evolve more quickly by bringing your unconscious to consciousness, for your conscious mind is the light that evolves the unconscious. You are by no means run by hidden drives or unknown programs. You have been given the ability to look inward and find answers.

To bring the unconscious to consciousness, focus on finding the light around any situation. You will find answers coming, without the need to use your mind to analyze and think. If you want an answer, imagine that you are holding the situation in your hands. Imagine light coming into that image, and then release it to your higher self or to a higher being in the universe.

Another way of bringing the unconscious up into the known is to sit quietly with yourself and work with your images. If you are going back and forth over an issue, then neither answer is completely right. If you had the right answer, you would not be going back and forth. You can help release this situation by seeing yourself finding an answer. If you cannot see why certain things are happening to you, hold an image of yourself understanding things easily and quickly. You can go back into your memory and recall all the times you did understand events as they were happening.

Whatever is happening in your life is coming from an image you hold about yourself. The images you send out attract situations to you. These pictures are absolutely available to your conscious awareness. You can change any situation by looking at and changing your vision of yourself.

You have the ability to look within and find answers.

To bring the subconscious into the higher self, look at each area of your life and ask, "What is my highest vision?"

You may think that you need to be involved in the daily, mundane details of your life, and yet these things can get taken care of effortlessly if you are focused on your highest vision and your higher path. Look at your level of abundance, how much you let the universe give you. Is there a way to increase how much you receive? It is important to find your deeper motivation. If you want more money, why? What do you think you will get from having money that you do not have now? If you want something, what is your motivation? If you knew your motivation you would know the driving force behind everything you do. You may be saying, "If I had this car, that job, or a relationship, I would be happy." If you knew your deepest motivation for having these, you could have your needs met in many ways. It may be that you want more security or delight, to feel more relaxed, loved, or to receive more. When you are in touch with the essence of what you desire, you can have it in many ways. If you do not focus on a specific thing to bring you what you want, the universe can truly begin bringing you abundance in many ways.

Look at what you want right now and ask, "what is the essence behind it?" If you want a new place to live, what is the essence behind it? What do you really want? It may be peace and quiet, or more sunlight. You can get all of those things in different ways right now!

If you want a better future, think of it, speak of it, say it to others. Only you can create for yourself what you want. It is the greatest power, honor, and gift you have ever been given.


1. Take a situation in your life you would like to understand; perhaps to learn why you created it or what it is teaching you. Write it here if you wish.

2. Sit quietly, relax, and close your eyes. Think of this situation and ask yourself, "In what way is this situation going to add to my personal power as I move through it? What is it teaching me? What soul qualities am I developing (such as love, patience, tolerance, trust, and so on)? As you understand this situation, you will move through it more rapidly.

Chapter XIII - Your Mind, Inner Dialogue, and Personal Broadcast

Orin: Your mind puts out a powerful broadcast of energy. It also determines how you experience the world and what you create. Your thoughts are magnetic; they go out from you and draw to you those things you think about. Your inner dialogue is important, for the way you speak to yourself determines the events, people, and objects you attract.

To become lighter, to create happier events in your life, it is important to use higher words and thoughts when you speak to yourself or others. Your thoughts create reality; they go out into the world and affect other people. As you move into the higher realms of energy, you will want to raise your thoughts by increasing their quality. As you begin thinking purer, kinder, and more loving thoughts, you will begin to change the magnetism of your body and resonate with the higher planes of the universe.

You can begin by watching your inner dialogue. Do you make yourself wrong frequently? Do you tell yourself that your efforts are not enough? Are you always trying to rush, to hurry up, to make self-imposed and unreasonable deadlines? Are you always trying to please other people, telling yourself that if anyone is unhappy it's your fault and you have failed? Are you critical, finding fault with things rather than seeing the good, looking for what is not working and not right? Do you focus on what is missing and wrong or on what is working and going well?

Learning to control your inner dialogue is learning to make your mind obey rather than control you. It is learning to be able to choose what thoughts come into your mind, rather than be ruled by the thoughts that randomly pop up. Part of the goal of evolution is to bring the mind into the dominion of the soul. By watching your inner dialogue, loving yourself and forgiving yourself for all your mistakes (which are best viewed as learning experiences), you raise the level of your thinking. Notice what words you use and how you feel as you say them.

Saying high, loving words over and over raises your mind's vibration.

If you notice yourself feeling anxious or depressed, use positive words to raise your energy. These are the words of the soul. You do not have to make them into statements. Say words to yourself such as LOVE, CLARITY, WILL, INTENT. Say, "I AM STRONG, GIVING, CARING, COMMITTED, ABUNDANT, RADIANT, LIGHT, ENTHUSIASTIC, PEACEFUL, TRANQUIL, SERENE. Think of all the beautiful, inspiring words you know. You do not need to make them into statements for these words to reach the deeper parts of your being. Use high, positive words when you speak to yourself, words such as EFFORTLESS, INSPIRED, SUCCESSFUL, CREATIVE.

When you speak to yourself, use words that indicate present tense. Instead of saying, "Someday I will;" say, "I am now." The mind interprets what you say to yourself literally. If you say, "I will be happy," your mind takes that literally and creates what you want not as something you experience now, but as something that will happen in the future (which means you will never experience it). Speak of things you want to create as if you have already created them: "I love myself as I am right now. I am happy today. I have money now. I have my soul-mate now." It may not appear to be true as you say it, but it will be shortly.

Imagine that 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts go through your mind every day. If you can turn even 2,000 of them into thoughts of love, abundance, and joy, you will rapidly change what you experience. It does not take that many high and loving thoughts to change your experience, for high and loving thoughts are many times more powerful than thoughts of a lower nature.
Compare Dr. David R. Hawkins’ insights discussed in his ground-breaking book POWER vs FORCE: The energy of  human thought, though minute, is nonetheless absolutely measurable (in microwatts). The difference in power between a loving thought (10 to the power of -35 million megawatts) and a fearful thought (10 to the power of -750 million megawatts) is so enormous as to be beyond the capacity of the human imagination to comprehend...even a few loving thoughts during the course of the day more than counterbalance all of our negative thoughts. My Personal Review of Power vs Force

Watch when you use the words should, have to, and must. Do you frequently talk to yourself with these words? They often set up rebellion and create the opposite of their intent. Do you speak to yourself in a way that sounds like an angry parent, or do you have a loving voice within that permits you to flow with your own energy? When you catch yourself telling yourself you have to do something, see if you can change to something more permitting and gentle-a suggestion, rather than a command.

Chapter XIV - Wisdom: Being Your Higher Self

Orin: Wisdom is the ability to be conscious of what is happening around you, to see the higher truth, and express yourself with compassion. It makes the universe around you friendly rather than hostile. Believing that everything is happening for your good renders negative energy harmless.

When you act from wisdom, you feel good inside. You know that you have stopped for a moment, taken the time to reflect, and reached upward for your direction. What you then create is from that higher space. You have demonstrated wisdom many times. Use your memories of the past to fill your consciousness with visions of yourself as a wise person, rather than to remember the times you were not wise.

Wisdom is the ability to know what is important in your life and what is not, what things are distractions and what things are the call of your soul. It is the ability to sort through all the data that is coming in and select only those things that contribute to your sense of well-being. There may be something you want to accomplish and yet you never have the time; you keep getting distracted by housework, phone calls, demands of other people. Wisdom is the ability to know which activities are truly serving your higher purpose and which are merely distractions from your path. You can make the people, thoughts and events in your life positive, nurturing, and supportive. You can create a personal environment that is beneficial to you, rather than harmful.

Wisdom is understanding your mind and how it works. Your mind is a magnificent tool for learning. Because it wants to keep you motivated to learn more, it is never satisfied. No matter what you do, your mind is always wanting to move on to the next thing. If you identify with your mind you will feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied. As you identify with your deeper being, your soul, you will achieve feelings of inner contentment and peace. The deeper being is the part of you that experiences your feelings and chooses what thoughts to have.

Wisdom is the ability to know when to act and when not to.

Wisdom is not the mind, although it includes the mind. Your mind gathers all the facts and tries to make decisions based upon known data. Wisdom comes from combining what is intuitively known, the gut-level feelings, with what is intellectually known. It helps you to know which impulses come from your lower nature and which come from your higher self.

Often your mind presents you with many ideas. More opportunities may come to you than you can possibly act upon. Do not make yourself wrong if you can't seem to bring yourself to act upon what seems to be a golden opportunity. Follow that deeper note of understanding that says in a whisper "wait." If your mind is telling you to wait, but that inner voice says act, take a leap of faith, dare to take a risk-then do so.


1. Sit quietly and relax. Think about the day and week ahead. What things are you planning to do that are truly important and what things are merely distractions that could be eliminated?

2. Is there anything you plan to do in the next day or week that is an obligation or another's wish of you rather than your own?

3. What is the most important thing you could accomplish today? Make the decision you will do it.

Chapter XVI - Receiving Guidance from the Higher Realms

Orin: You can learn to receive information from the higher realms of the universe. Just as there are telepathic broadcasts from people, there are many higher broadcasts you can tune into. High levels of guidance and information are available at any time. Just as you cannot see or touch a radio wave, you cannot see or touch these broadcasts unless you have the will and intent to do so.

What are these broadcasts? There are different levels of information; some involve science, business, teachings of all kinds, visions of peace. All knowledge known and yet to be known is available to you by attuning yourself to these levels.

A broadcast of healing is available at all times. Its essence is love, compassion, and peace. When you need help, guidance, or love, it is always available as a broadcast you can tune into to raise your energy and heal whatever needs love. As you attune yourself to this frequency, you feel as if you know what to do or say with a certainty that comes from a level beyond your conscious knowledge.

Guidance is also available from many high Masters and spirit teachers, both those physically present on the earth and those who are in other realms. Many high souls who are no longer living are holding a focus of peace and love, and are available for personal guidance. Guides wish to help you become aware of your ability to reach higher planes of knowledge and experience, to help you discover your own wisdom and your soul's constant guidance. When asked, they can show you an expanded view of any situation, presenting a perspective that allows you to understand what is happening and to act in more loving and compassionate ways.

If you look upward and focus on the higher realms,as surely as you breathe you will receive any help or information you need.

You can tune into any of these levels of guidance and information if you have the will and intent to do so. Will is a clear focus that is directed toward something you love. The more the focus is undiluted by fears, doubts, and resistance, and is directed like a laser beam to where you want it to go, the greater the ability of the will to draw something to you.

The broadcast from the higher levels to guide you to your highest path is always available to any of you who want and ask for it. Your will to be or do something automatically tunes you into the broadcast that is appropriate for you.

If you want to connect with your soul, or a guide, all you need to do is decide you will, and ask the universe to lead you to that experience. The more you can believe you will have something, get excited, picture it in your mind, use your emotions of joy, excitement, and anticipation, the more quickly it will come.

If you want to receive guidance and you intend to do so, feeling positive and excited about it, you will receive it. Reception of the broadcast takes place outside the mind and happens in a flash.

The guidance that is available to you is unlimited in whatever form you choose and whatever field you choose, be it business, the healing arts, performing arts, science, education, or contacting your soul and growing spiritually. The intent to do so is all that is necessary to attune yourself to the higher realms of guidance and love.


1. Think of five things - a decision, problem, or choice - that you asked for guidance on last year and received.

2. Think of something you want guidance on right now in your life. Sit quietly, ask for guidance, and notice if any new thoughts come in.

Personal Power Through Awareness : A Guidebook for Sensitive People

I GREETINGS FROM ORIN \ 1 You can learn to recognize the energies you pick up 2 You are like a radio 2 Your energy centers are opening 4 Many of you grew up as sensitive children 5 It is important to develop wisdom, release pain, and rise above negativity 6

II SENSING ENERGY \ 7 Visualization can transform energy 8 In every home are the energies and thoughts of the occupants 10 You are constantly being sent signs from the universe 11

III UNDERSTANDING AND DIRECTING THE UNSEEN ENERGY AROUND YOU \ 15 The more you can become aware of energy, the more aware you can become of your inner guidance 16 You can sense energy to the degree your heart is open and loving 18 Your imagination is a powerful energy-sensing tool 20 Focusing speeds up time and directs energy 21 If you are in a difficult situation, broadcast love 22 Spend time thinking about what you want rather than what you don't want 24

IV SENSING ENERGY IN OTHERS \ 29 Awareness of your body, thoughts, and emotions allows you to discover the effect other people have on you 30 Do not make the other person, or yourself wrong 32 When you are feeling depreciated, it is a sign that other people are not open to your energy 33 If you want a healing connection, know how much to give, and how much to receive 35 Emotions help you create reality 37 Listen with a silent mind 39

V WHO AM I? \ 43 Making a commitment to yourself 44 Know when to pay attention to your own needs and when to be selfless 45 Do not feel responsible for everyone's happiness 46 Give to others what you want to receive 48 To dissolve fear, look directly at it 49 Love who you are, not who you should be 51

VI BRINGING THE UNCONSCIOUS INTO CONSCIOUSNESS \ 55 You are not at the mercy of hidden drives or unknown programs 56 As you focus on what is good about people, you enable them to achieve it 58 Be aware of the images you create about yourself 59 You never do anything that is not an attempt to bring more light into your life 60 Look at each area of your life and ask, "What is my highest vision?" 61 See everyone as expanding and growing 62 If you ask for guidance, trust the messages that come into your mind 63

VII EVOLVING YOUR INNER IMAGES: RELEASING THE TRUE SELF \ 68 Your definition of yourself as a man or woman greatly influences your behavior 69 Pay attention to the pictures you send people 70 Pictures are easier for people to pick up than words 72 Use your imagination to picture your highest healing path, a vision of why you are here 75

VIII FINDING YOUR DEEPEST TRUTH \ 78 Compassion is the ability to put yourself in the other person's shoes 78 You do not have to go through pain and struggle to grow 79 You have the ability to heal yourself 81 You have the ability to know your truth 83 As you think over what you will say to someone, hold the image of your deepest truth 85 Honoring your deepest truth is a gift to you and to the other person 86

IX JOURNEY INTO LIGHT: GOING HIGHER \ 91 The ability to make yourself right rather than wrong will help you grow faster 92 There is no right way to evolve 94 If any area in your life is not working, one of your beliefs in that area needs to be changed 95 You can assist mankind in achieving peace by evolving your thoughts 96

X LEARNING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE \ 100 Unconditional love is learning to be the source of love 100 Unconditional love transforms fear 102 Fear is a place that has not yet discovered love 103 You learn to love by putting yourself in situations that challenge you to be loving 105 Whatever you give to others is also a gift to yourself 105 If you have nothing to defend, life becomes easier 107 Love brings beauty to everything and everyone 108 As you become filled with light, your power to affect the world around you increases 109

XI HANDLING PAIN BY CHOOSING TO GROW \ 113 Pain is only triggered by another when there is already pain within you 115 The more you understand what you are learning from a situation, the more rapidly you can leave it 116 Pain is a powerful indicator of growth 117 If others express anger with you, do not let their negativity become part of your response 119 If you have trouble forgiving people, pretend the next time you talk to them is their last day on earth 120

XII OPENING YOUR INTUITION \ 125 Many doorways will open when you follow your intuition 126 Acting on your intuition brings your goals to you faster 127 Send loving energy into your past 129 The best way to open your intuition is to listen to it 130 When you operate from intuition things happen easily 131

XIII YOUR MIND, INNER DIALOGUE, AND PERSONAL BROADCAST \ 136 Saying high, loving words raises your mind's vibration 137 Talk of the qualities you aspire to as if you already have them 139 By evolving yourself, you create a doorway for those behind you to come through 140 You CAN control your thoughts 143 A trained mind creates emotional calm and inner peace 144 You can change energy by using positive words 145

XIV WISDOM: BEING YOUR HIGHER SELF \ 149 Feeling love changes negative energy 150 Rather than resisting lower thoughts, place higher ones by their side 151 Wisdom is being able to discern which messages to pay attention to 152 What is loving to the self is always loving to others 154 Wisdom is the ability to know when to act 155 It is important to experience compassion 157

XV TELEPATHY: UNDERSTANDING NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION \ 161 Be aware of the thoughtforms in your community 162 You cannot know what you are picking up telepathically until you know your own energy 164 You have the ability to know what others are thinking 166 You can gain control over telepathic messages 167 If you want an intimate relationship with another, first become aware of who you are 169 Telepathy is a gift and a responsibility 170 When you think of others they receive energy from you 172 It is energizing to change your thinking habits 174 There are ways to stop thinking of a person 176 If you want something from somebody, picture a time when you gave that same thing to someone else 178 You can calm your emotions 180

XVI RECEIVING GUIDANCE FROM THE HIGHER REALMS \ 184 True healing involves compassion and love 185 To receive guidance, ask for it and then listen 186 The mind has 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day 189 If you look upward, you will receive any help you need 190 Writing down your goals brings them to you faster 194 If you want to bring in guidance, sit quietly 194 It is up to you to create the specific form your work will take 196

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