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The Power of Words

There is great power in repeating the thought of something you want over and over. When you got something you wanted in the past you probably thought about it frequently. Repetition firmly implants the idea of what you want to create in your subconscious, and it goes about bringing you what you think about. You want the thought to be definite and unwavering. Affirmations are positive thoughts that are repeated over and over. As you repeat them, they go directly to your subconscious where they begin to manifest as your reality. Affirm what you want in present terms, such as, "I have unlimited abundance," and repeat your positive statements frequently.

Here you can download free

AFFIRMATIONS by Orin (© Sanaya Roman) et al. in simple text or zipped format
© 2006 by Rick Xavier, formerly

To download:

Internet explorer: right click on name of file: save target as
Netscape           : right click on name of file: save link as or alternatively left
                           click and save / left click and follow the instructions

AFFIRMATIONS by Orin (© Sanaya Roman) et al. in text format (70 KB)

AFFIRMATIONS by Orin et al. in zipped (compressed) text format (19 KB)

Contains c. 900 positive affirmations to help you achieve your goals in harmony with the higher good of all. There also is a German version available (translation © by

FREE AFFIRMATIONS MESSAGING PROGRAM in zip (compressed) format (28 KB)
(Pearls Lojong Reminder 2.23 © 2006 by Rick Xavier)

This wonderful customizable software shared by the author as Freeware can be used to continuously run affirmations (incl. your own ones) onscreen, thus bathing the mind as long as desired in the thoughts of one's choice. According to a number of authors and sources, there may be no need to pay attention to the messages displayed, apparently these messages are registered subconsciously and work "subliminally" (see Note on subliminal affirmations). It can also serve as a task reminder.

This newest version of the free Pearls program contains an additional valuable feature not yet implemented in the previous versions: a millisecond timer. This means that the shortest time for which each message can be displayed is now as short as 1 millisecond, allowing for a "subliminal" experience as do a number of commercial messaging programs (see Note on subliminal messaging programs).

AFFIRMATIONS PROGRAM (FLASHER) in uncompressed format (60 KB)
(Pearls Lojong Reminder 2.23
© 2006 by Rick Xavier)

You need these four parts:


The Pearls program comes with a small file (Lojong.txt) of Buddhist one-liners which should be displayed by default. If you originally receive the message "NO INPUT FILE", right click within the popup window or "bar" (i.e. with the cursor positioned within this window or bar): a menu list opens where you select "open file" and voilą, you now may select any txt (!) file you wish to see displayed including of course the affirmationsenglish.txt file offered for download further up on this page. The same procedure also works when Pearl is already running/displaying a txt file, simply right click, choose any txt file and Pearls will start displaying its content line by line.

If you wish to run your own affirmations or texts, just make sure you have stored them as a txt file and then simply follow the same steps of right-clicking within the window and selecting the file.

Very important note: if you wish to set the "Slide" timer to a display time under 1000 ms, make sure to tick "Hide (Popup)" first. This ensures the program will properly respect the time you have set the "Hide" timer to.


Setting the background picture to any bmp file you like (right-click as above, click on Background and select the bmp file of your choice),

Setting the font colour to one of your liking (right-click as above, click on Color and take your pick on the palette offered)

Selecting the font (right-click as above, click on Font and choose font type, size and style)

Playing a sound accompanying each affirmation (right-click as above, click on Sound File and choose any WAV file: remember to also tick the menu point "Play Sound" for the sound to be played with each affirmation that appears.)

Also see Love & Light Affirmations for Support in Healing Every Aspect of Your Life and the essay "The Power of Words".


Subliminally received messages (such as affirmations displayed for 50 milliseconds, i.e. shorter than what it takes to consciously read and process the information contained in the affirmation) reportedly have the advantage of bypassing your critical self (which might otherwise raise objections [have contrary thoughts] to the positive messages displayed) while arriving in their entirety and full force in your subconscious. The subsconscious is then reputed to obediently follow up and work at materializing whatever statement or command was contained in the affirmation.

If this is indeed true then  the best way to use the Pearls affirmations display program (or similar programs) would be to set the display time somewhere within the millisecond range. This both to ensure maximum effectiveness of the affirmations displayed and to keep your screen visually unobstructed (which allows you to work without impediment at whatever you may be doing).

Should the claimed effectiveness of subliminal messages not be true to fact (I have seen conflicting data on this), then it may be best to use the above affirmations program with a display setting in the visually processable range (which should be at least one second or so of display time per message). The only disadvantage of this method would be that part of your screen will get obstructed whenever a message comes up for as long as it is being displayed.

Also see the important tips on optimally designing and using affirmations & (subliminal) messaging programs for support in personal goal achievement listed at Healing Affirmations.


If you do an Internet search for the terms subliminal + messages + program + "free trial" or subliminal + messages + program + free, you will get many thousands of hits. I have only checked out a few, but it seems that there are numerous programs out there offered for free trials (and possibly even for free).

I have seen at least one of the commercial subliminal messaging programs promise (to my mind) untruthful effects to be reaped from its use, such as achieving near instant genius (raising your IQ) and/or speed reading capacity, effortless fulfillment of all your desires and goals etc. within a few days or weeks, and all of this just by sitting before your screen working at other tasks while having the subliminal affirmations or messages flashing away. Personally, I have not received confirmation of any of these claims being factual for myself so far. So I would be very careful before giving my money to people who promise a near-instant and effortless relief of all your problems and/or fulfillment of all your desires. (I have tried to avoid the word "fraudulent" but I think that some of the claims made could justifiedly be qualified as such. It was shocking for me to see the above-mentioned program endorsed by well-known names in the spiritual field.)


Last but far from least: Gary Craig coined the expression "tail-ender" to designate those (more or less conscious) afterthoughts we may frequently have after stating or hearing a positive affirmation which in fact says the exact opposite, or in other ways negates the positive affirmation we want to believe in. Erasing these tail-enders via the simple DIY "Healing Your Life" tools provided by EFT should help you manifest possibly much more effectively. Compare My newest love: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) : Healing Mind and Body By Reestablishing Healthy Energetic Flow.