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Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
by Sanaya Roman

Spiritual Growth


Orin and I welcome you to this book, the third in the Earth Life series. You can read and use each book in the series individually; together they provide a course in higher consciousness.

I have been channeling Orin, a spiritual guide and teacher, for many years. He tells us he is a being of light and is here because we are going through a time of major transition and awakening. He says he exists in the same dimension as our Higher Selves, and that part of his purpose is to assist us in being our Higher Selves in our earth lives. I have always experienced Orin as a very wise and gentle being. His advice to me and others assists us in connecting with our Higher Selves and our own inner wisdom. When I channel Orin, I am in a peaceful state similar to meditation and am conscious of his guidance as it comes through me.

I perceive his guidance as a stream of thoughts alongside my own, and I am aware that we have two distinct streams of consciousness. I feel as if I am bathed in light when I channel; there is an incredible sense of love and understanding. Orin's words seem like a fraction of what I am experiencing; there is a richness of feeling, pictures, and illumination transmitted with his words that is beyond description.

You may feel this richness yourself as you read this book, for Orin tells us that he has designed these sentences so that their rhythm assists you to open your breathing and move into a higher state of consciousness. In this state, you are more connected to your Higher Self and may receive pictures, feelings, and inner-knowing that go beyond the information you are reading. Orin reminds us to accept only the information that rings true to the deepest part of our beings and set aside any that does not.

The material in this book was originally taught by Orin to a small class of students, to teach us more about spiritual growth, accelerate our growth, and assist us in growing with joy rather than struggle. Orin gave us information and taught us how to get into higher states of consciousness through guided meditations, energy techniques, and breath work.

Since then, we have had many opportunities to use the techniques given in this book. They have brought us many positive results. We all feel we have taken a quantum leap in our spiritual growth and have had wonderful changes in our lives. As we have used these tools of the higher realms, we have learned to create many things that would have seemed like miracles before. Today we use these processes almost automatically, for they seem quite normal. We often take their effectiveness for granted and forget that we once did things any other way.

In the class, we called upon the power of light and changed difficult situations for the better. We learned to become transparent and let others' energies pass through us. We received wise counsel from our Higher Selves and found new ways of handling old patterns. We saw the bigger picture of our lives more clearly and learned new information about our higher purposes and who we are. We discovered that spiritual growth could be richly rewarding and more fun than we had thought.

Orin told us that the information covered in the class would be the basis for this book, and that he was aware of each and every one of you who would be reading it. In his reality there is no time and space. As he talked to us, he made us aware that he was also talking to you. He had us spend time during the classes connecting with you, telling us to imagine lines of light going from our hearts to yours, greeting you across time and space as our fellow classmates.

As Orin and I were organizing the class notes and putting this book together, he often had me stop and let him broadcast energy through me to you. I had a sense of an enormous amount of love pouring through me, and I knew when the energy left my body, going outward and making a connection to someone. Although I do not know which of you Orin is sending energy to, you will know who you are as you read this book and feel his love and support reaching out to you.

At other times while we were working on this book, Orin had me send out love through my heart to all of you as a group. He had me imagine us as a loving, connected community of like-minded souls, assisting each other through our inner connection. He says that all of us who are growing and evolving are generating as a group an enormous amount of light that is becoming a profound source of awakening for others.

I am glad to share with you all the tools that Orin has given me to assist me in growing spiritually, discovering my higher path, and becoming a source of light. I have come to realize that spiritual growth is a wonderful journey, and I welcome you as a fellow traveler on the path. I send you light as I join you in the inner planes where we are all working together.

Introduction: Earth Changes

Greetings From Orin! You are entering a dramatic and exciting time. There is a wave of energy passing through your galaxy that is altering the course of all life it touches. This wave affects the very nature of energy and matter, bringing all matter into a higher vibration. Although it is just beginning to come to the earth plane, you may already be feeling the effects of this higher vibration of light. You may be receiving more insights, having more frequent psychic and telepathic experiences, and feeling a deeper need to know your life purpose and put it into action. You may feel you have less time and more to do, for this wave changes the nature of time.

Some of us have come as guides to assist you during this special time. We have discovered much about this wave of energy; we know that it is light and it is conscious. We have discovered that by working with and aligning with this light the potential for evolution and growth is enormous.

This is a time of major transformation. Your ancient prophets foretold this wave, and the thought of major transformation during your current time was seeded to prepare you for it. Some have foreseen it as a time of earth upheavals. Such upheavals need not occur; they are symbolic of the internal changes that may happen as thoughts, feelings, and attitudes of a lower nature leave and are replaced by those of a higher nature.

You can ride this wave of light and experience more joy, peace, and love than you have ever known. Begin to do so by embracing your spiritual growth, linking with your Higher Self, and working with light. Take small steps as they appear to you, grow in harmony with nature and the earth, and then you will be in alignment with the higher vibrations this wave brings.

You are building a body of light. You are rapidly evolving into a new race of beings. Because of the new, massive influx of light, a body of light is evolving in the human aura. The beginning stages of this light body are built around the heart and slightly above the heart in the upper chest. Some of you get chest colds, congestion, or heart flutterings as your light body is being built in this area. The new wave of light is challenging you to open your heart and bring both your "energy" heart and physical heart into a higher vibration.

Your light body allows you to become a radiating source of light. Much as the earth generates its own magnetic field continuously, as you build your light body you will generate and radiate light and spiritual power that will assist you and others in going higher.

As you become more radiant you may become increasingly sensitive to food. You may already be feeling a desire to change your diet or gain a new level of physical fitness, for your body is directing you to those changes that will allow you to hold and radiate more light.

As you build your light body, your intellectual mind will still be strong, but it will blend more with your intuitive mind. You will find yourself drawn to those things that are creative and challenge you to reach into deeper levels of your being. You will have a growing bond and kinship with all life-forms. You can already see this happening in humanity's awakening consciousness of animal rights and the need to preserve wildlife and forests.

Humanity is evolving into a telepathic race.

You are preparing to become a telepathic race, and part of your preparation is to become aware of many other realities. You are experiencing a constant flood of new information and input from many sources. This is assisting you in developing the quality of discernment as you decide what to accept as your truth. When you are completely open telepathically, you will want to have the ability to select what comes into your field of awareness, be able to stay in your center, and understand and detach from views and beliefs that aren't in harmony with yours.

You came here to build your body of light and transform matter into a higher vibration. You call this transformation "spiritual growth." As you grow you become your Higher Self, a being of light. As you grow you are bringing the high, fine energy of your Higher Self into matter and transforming the potential of consciousness in this dimension.

Many of you are very sensitive to energy.

Your sensitivity allows you to sense, direct, and work with the higher, finer energies that are coming. You volunteered to go first and to be on the leading edge of the wave as it moves through the earth plane, so you could find ways to grow and heal yourself and then assist others as they feel the wave's impact. You may have noticed that in the last few years you have had to grow rapidly, go through much transition, and learn many new things. As this wave of light becomes stronger, more and more people will be waking up to what you are already experiencing. As they do, you will have more and more opportunities to be a teacher and a source of light.

Wave upon wave of higher consciousness is coming. Each one will create an enormous group opening, followed by a period of integration while the wave recedes. Each wave of higher vibration will be bigger than the one before. Its effects will be more noticeable because the number of people able to experience it will increase. Among other things, these waves will increase your desire to focus on spiritual growth and to discover your higher purpose. These waves will assist you in discovering the higher dimensions of yourself and achieving higher states of consciousness.

As new waves first come they may be felt as turbulence; they may shake things up in your life so you can make changes that will allow you to go even higher. It will become easier to go upward and be your Higher Self as each shift occurs. As you align with your Higher Self, you will no longer feel turbulence as these waves come, but will be able to use their power to lift you higher and take you to your goals rapidly.

It is important to follow your inner messages.

Many people may reject these shifts in the beginning, for to incorporate them may mean a complete change in the way they perceive and live their lives. Some may feel they are unable to handle the higher energy, and may try to deaden its effects through alcohol or drugs. Some may try to hang on to the old and find that doing so is an increasing struggle. Some may resist by criticizing the new ways or reacting with skepticism and doubt. Some people have to experience a high level of struggle and pain before they pay attention to and follow the inner messages they are receiving. At any point they can decide to follow the inner messages they receive and grow through joy.

Not opening to and flowing with this higher vibration will have larger and larger consequences. If one area of your life is stuck, unhappy, or doesn't work, it will affect every other area of your life. It will no longer work to ignore those areas of your life you do not want to deal with. If you don't like your job, are having trouble with a relationship, or live in an unsupportive environment, that will dampen your aliveness in every other area.

This new wave of energy will have a great impact on those areas of your life that have the least clarity and harmony. This new wave adds light to your life, but you can hold light only in those places where there is clarity and harmony. You will find that the areas that aren't working become the most important to resolve and that doing so brings you the greatest growth.

You can help humanity make this transition in a calm, peaceful way.

Your alignment with this wave of light can assist humanity and the earth in making a calm, peaceful transition. The way you embrace the changes in your own life, seek out your growth, and let go easily of those things that no longer serve you will affect the course of humanity and the earth. The transition into this higher vibratory frequency can be made with love and joy rather than pain and upheaval.

Light is not yet distributed evenly over the planet; it is coming most strongly to those places you call "power spots." From those power spots the waves radiate outward in larger and larger circles of influence. Power spots exist all over the world, in every city and community. You can recognize them by your increased ability to go upward when you are on them. We see power spots making up an enormous gridwork of energy that is growing and able to influence more and more matter.

Although these new energies are increasing, they are still very subtle. For you who have finely tuned your awareness through channeling, meditation, and other self-awareness techniques, the energies are more noticeable.

It is important to nurture yourself.

In this wave of higher energy, you will find you need to nurture yourself and follow your inner prompting toward joyful activities from moment to moment. As you nurture yourself, your desire to reach out and make a contribution to others will increase. The new times that are coming will place more importance than in the past on community, family, and connections with loved ones. You may find yourself wanting to network and connect with others of like mind, for much will be accomplished by people working together. Humanity is becoming more inclusive and group-oriented.

You have already witnessed the beginnings of humanity's working together telepathically to create change in your global peace meditations. This collective effort by millions has already had a profound influence on the spiritual awakening of many people and is accelerating the spiritual transformation of humanity.

This higher vibration that is now coming to your planet is going to be even more compatible with you who are on a path of spiritual growth than anything you have experienced in the past. As you make the changes your inner messages suggest, your careers are going to take off, your plans are going to succeed, and you will get whatever you want that is for your higher good.

It is no longer a question of having what you want, but of making sure you want what you ask for - for you will get it. What you ask for will appear more and more rapidly, for the laws of manifestation are taking on aspects of the higher planes. In the higher dimensions, you experience what you think about immediately.

Never before have there been so many paths, so many possibilities, and the opportunity to choose what reality you want to experience. The most important aspect of these new energies is the opportunity they offer for joy, growth, and aliveness. They will help you awaken to the multidimensional being you are, tap into the greater plan of humanity's evolution, and discover the part you came to play in these wonderful, exciting times of transformation.


As you become attuned to your Higher Self, you also become aware of the dimensions your Higher Self exists in. You can consciously join with the higher community of beings your Higher Self is already a part of.

Part of the higher purpose of the community of higher beings is to work with the Universal Mind and Higher Will to assist all life in evolving. They work continually to assist people in awakening, working with the Higher Will to broadcast spiritual energies. They help make the journey easier for all who are seeking growth, serving others, or requesting assistance. You can become more aware of the work that is going on in the higher dimensions to carry out the plan of evolution. With this awareness, it will be even easier to know and carry out your own higher purpose.

Some of these beings act as guides and work intensely with a particular person besides contributing in other ways. Other beings contribute in various ways to assist all who are open to and asking for assistance. Every call for help is always heard. Light and assistance is immediately sent from both your Higher Self and these high beings. Every resource is made available and nothing is spared when you ask for assistance. If you could only know how much love there is for you in the higher dimensions, you would never feel alone or worry again.

There is no feeling of separateness in the higher realms. All beings contribute wherever they can create the most good, just as you work together with each other to create important things in your reality. Sometimes your Higher Self will work with you on something; other times your Higher Self will work together with high spiritual guides to empower you and assist you with your lifes work and spiritual growth.

In the higher dimensions there is never criticism, only mutual respect and kind words. There is gentleness, humility, and a focus on the work that is to be done. All beings hold a high vision for each other and send each other unconditional love. There is no thought of the self that doesn’t also include the well-being of others.

If anyone is working on a project, it is everyone's concern. There is no feeling that one must do it all alone. All work receives the energy support of all. There is never a thought of scarcity or competition; all is viewed to be a part of the divine and perfect order of the universe. It is an inclusive group and all can join who want to be of assistance. There is still a sense of individuality in the dimensions you Higher Self lives in, yet the individual is connected to all other beings in a much greater way than in your reality.

Your connection to these higher dimensions comes through your higher centers of telepathy. Most of you receive telepathically through your emotional centers. You experience this when you are around people and pick-up what they are feeling. Part of spiritual growth is learning to become transparent to the emotional messages of others, and opening your higher centers of telepathy so you can receive guidance from you Higher Self.

Your higher telepathic centers are mental and intuitive; you receive clear mental guidance or an intuitive sense of what to do through these centers. You automatically open your higher centers of telepathy as you align with your Higher Self and hear and follow Its guidance.

You can use your higher centers of telepathy to send messages to the Higher Selves of others or become aware of the soul-level consciousness present in other life-forms, such as plants, animals, and minerals. Through higher telepathy you can become aware of the many high beings serving mankind, you own personal guide if you choose, and the dimensions of your Higher Self.

You connect with any of these high beings by imagining you are connecting with them. If you are working on a project, ask for extra guidance ands assistance with it. Imagine light is being sent to you, your work, or your loved ones. You are not alone; there is much assistance, support, and empowerment available for you and your world-work when you connect with this higher community.

You can work in the inner planes by becoming inner-directed rather than outer-directed.

As you live as you Higher Self, guidance and information will come from within rather than from without. Guidance from you Higher Self is received in your higher telepathic centers and transmitted to you through your imagination and mind. Since your connection to the higher dimensions comes from within, pay attention to your thoughts, inner sense and imagination.

Meditation is a powerful tool for becoming aware of these higher dimensions and your Higher Self guidance. Mediation allows you to quiet your normal thoughts and listen to your Higher self. It allows you to pay more attention to your inner reality of pictures, images, and feelings. As you meditate you increase your vibration and frequency, and the dimensions of your Higher Self become more knowable to you . Meditation increases your sensitivity to ideas, concepts, and images from the higher realms and your Higher Self.

Meditation can involve states of relaxation, observation and concentration. Meditation can take many forms from silencing your mind to concentrating on a project. Meditation is an inner reflective attitude, a time of concentrated thought. You are meditating when you are focused and thinking about how you can assist others or carry out your life purpose. Meditation can consist of sending light and love to people or sitting quietly and silencing your mind. Things that allow you to relax, concentrate, or silence your mind - long walks in the woods, listening to music, and sitting quietly and thinking about things will connect you with your Higher Self and the higher dimensions.

Chapter 1 - Spiritual Growth

As you grow spiritually, you are on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. You will increasingly understand the mysteries of the universe and learn tools of personal transformation. As you go higher, your life can be effortless. Everything you need will come to you as you need it and your creative endeavors will bring you results beyond anything you can imagine.

Spiritual growth is a journey as vast as consciousness. In this book I will give you some tools, information, and techniques to assist you in growing more easily and joyfully. This knowledge will assist you in getting to the next level, where your growth will come almost entirely from directly experiencing higher energy states and connecting with your Higher Self.

"Spiritual growth," as I will describe it, means growing through connecting with your Higher Self and to a Higher Power - the God/Goddess within and without, Christ, Allah, Buddha, the All-That-Is. This connection will bring you aliveness, a healthy body, loving friends, a supportive environment, and the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

The spiritual path can be one of immense play and deep inner joy.

Spiritual growth gives you the tools to make your everyday life work and bring increasingly higher levels of order, harmony, clarity, and love into every area of your life. Spiritual growth is the single most important thing you can focus on if you want a joyful, peaceful, and loving life.

As you grow spiritually you will be able to see the bigger picture of your life. As you link your will with the Higher Will, you will gain more awareness of the path of humanity's evolution and your part in it. You will discover your life's work and gain the tools to carry it out. Your life's work will make a meaningful contribution to people, the plant or animal kingdoms, or the Earth itself. It will be something you love to do. You can do what you love all the time; your work can be your play.

As you open to the higher dimensions of yourself, you will be able to lift the veils of illusion and see the world through the eyes of your Higher Self. You will link your throat with your Higher Self and express truth and love in all you say. Your mind will be illumined and your emotions will be harmonious as they are blended with the light of your Higher Self.

Spiritual growth assists you in creating loving relationships. As you grow spiritually, you will connect with people in higher ways. Your growth will allow you to trust more, keep your heart open, and reach new levels of sharing and intimacy. You will have deeper, more meaningful connections with your loved ones.

As you grow, you will know how to send light to strengthen and empower yourself and your friends. You will trust your ability to sense energy so much you will feel safe wherever you are. You will hear your inner guidance clearly and take action on it. You will easily harmonize with the energies of all kinds of people. You will learn how to become transparent to or even transmute "negative" energy. You will experience friendly smiles, love, and peace wherever you go.

At higher levels of consciousness you will become more aware of subtle energies. You will gain an ability to feel, sense, and even see the subtle vibrations of other dimensions, life-forms, and the auras that surround people's bodies. Your higher powers of clairvoyance, telepathy, and other psychic abilities will become enhanced, although they will be only tools to further your growth and not ends in themselves. You will be able to create rapid, positive changes in your physical body and gain greater skill in healing yourself.

Your fears may not be totally gone, but when a fear comes up you won't react with even more fear. Instead you will talk to the fear, send it love, and ask for any messages it contains. You will notice immediately when you are not in a high state, and you will be able to get rapidly back to a balanced, centered, and calm state.

Spiritual growth is similar to personal growth, with one big difference; when you grow spiritually you are connecting with a higher power and using that connection to empower your growth. This higher power - your Higher Self and God/All-That-Is - works with your personality self, assisting it to develop self-confidence, self-love, clarity, and other important qualities. When you work on your personal growth and add to that your connection to a higher power, your journey is even more joyful, rapid, and transformative.

Chapter 3 - Connecting with the Universal Mind

Everything around you exists as part of the Universal Mind, also called God/All-That-Is. The Universal Mind is unmanifest essence?the substance out of which all physical form is created. You are part of this Infinite Intelligence. This Higher Intelligence exists in perfection and perfectly creates your thoughts, beliefs, and inner pictures as the world you experience around you. You can learn to tap into this Higher Mind and draw to you unlimited health, abundance, new ideas, knowledge, and anything else you want.

The Universal Mind is perfection. It perfectly creates what you think about. How can you best use your connection to this vast, all-powerful force? Think about what you want rather than what you don't want, for the Universal Mind creates whatever you think about. Focus steadily on your visions, hopes, dreams, and goals, and intend to have them.

Learn how to do "energy work" before taking action for the best results.

How do you connect with the Universal Mind and use this connection to create what you want? You are always linked with the Universal Mind, for It creates whatever you think about. You can learn to consciously link with the Universal Mind by doing what I will call "energy work" before you take physical action to create what you want.

Energy work involves using thought, imagination, and visualization before you take action. Energy work uses the power of light, magnetism, and your link with the higher dimensions to create results.

You can do energy work by using your imagination to turn what you want into patterns, colors, symbols, or a feeling-sense. You do energy work by then imagining the pattern to be more beautiful, open, and harmonious. As you mentally picture and play with the image of what you want to create you are working with it as energy.

Before you do energy work, first concentrate on the results you want to create. Then, imagine your mental aura as a gridwork of light, extending straight upward. The higher it goes, the finer the gridwork becomes. Some people picture this gridwork as a screen whose mesh grows finer the higher it reaches. Others see it as a fabric of woven light, imagining the weave to be closer and finer in the higher dimensions.

Send your awareness upward through this gridwork and imagine that you are linking with the higher aspects of the Universal Mind. Imagine you are meeting with what you want to create in its energy state, and mentally work with whatever image comes into your mind to make it more beautiful. When it feels good as energy, you can "draw" it into your reality by imagining you are turning this energy into subatomic particles of light that you harmonize with and bring into your being. You can learn to do this within seconds, and doing this can create amazing and rapid results.

When you work with energy it may feel as if you are "making it up." You can create real results by imagining you are working with the energy of what you want to create.

Learn to use your imagination.

Learn to use your imagination. Your ability to picture something that does not yet exist in your reality is one of your highest abilities. Your imagination allows you to think of having more than you have now. It transcends this dimension and connects with the Universal Mind where anything is possible. Your imagination can connect with what you want as energy, play with it, add light to it, and then bring it into your reality quickly and easily.

Take time to daydream, fantasize, relax, and think about what you want to create. Practice thinking in new, unlimited ways. Unlimited thinking puts you in touch with the larger picture of your life and links you with the expanded vision of your Higher Self. Enlarge your vision of what is possible. Think positively, and imagine yourself having more than you have now.

You are a co-creative force with the Universal Mind. It creates for you the best that is possible within the boundaries of your current ability to receive what you are asking for. If you think in expanded, creative, and open ways, the Universal Mind will reflect this by giving you the more expansive things you think about. Think about an area in your life you would like to improve. Take a moment right now to picture it just as you want it to be. Affirm that what you want will happen, and trust that it will manifest in the perfect time and in the perfect way. Create it as energy, and use the meditation that follows to help bring it into your life.

Chapter 4 - Linking With the Higher Will

The Higher Will is an aspect of God/All-That-Is. It is a moving current of energy that carries everything in the direction of higher evolution. It is a gentle stream of love and spiritual energies that leads everything in all Kingdoms-mineral, plant, animal, and human-to growth, aliveness, and a higher order of being.

There is a divine plan to the universe. This plan does not exist in the form of guidelines about the specific forms and actions that are to be taken to carry it out. It exists as spiritual energies. The Higher Will is stepping up the frequencies of these energies with great precision to move your physical world and all consciousness in it toward their highest evolution. You have complete free will to react in any way you want to these energies. If you want to use them to grow spiritually, they will greatly assist you.

If you want to connect with this current of evolution, simply be willing to have your life take on a higher order. Be open to allowing and accepting good things into your life. Believe you deserve to have the best life you can imagine. As you align with the Higher Will, your life will become more harmonious and satisfying.

Be open to allowing and accepting good things into your life.

The Higher Will is the will to do good and to serve and assist others. You can strengthen your alignment with the Higher Will by asking, "How does creating this contribute to the higher good of myself and others?" The more you broaden your thinking to encompass serving others, the more you attune with the Higher Will. As you serve others, you gain rewards and a richness of spirit that go beyond anything you could imagine. That is what the Higher Will is all about- creating the highest good for everyone, for that will be for your own greatest good as well.

There is a higher purpose to your life, a special contribution you came to make. Part of your reason for coming to earth is to evolve yourself as well as to serve humanity in some way. We will call the process of evolving yourself your "life purpose," and the service you came to offer humanity your "life's work." They are intertwined, because as you serve others you will naturally evolve yourself. As you evolve and radiate more light, you automatically serve others. Everything you do to evolve yourself and carry out your life's work is an act of aligning with the Higher Will and your Higher Self.

You have a special role to play, something that you are uniquely fitted for. Your life's work will take on various forms at different times. The form may change from month to month and year to year, so keep in touch with your purpose and vision as it expands and grows. You can discover your life's work through examining the skills you love to use, the things you love to do, and the areas you are naturally drawn to. Whatever you love to do will also serve others in some way, for it is the nature of the universe that when you use your highest skills you automatically contribute to others.

Your dreams about your ideal life are showing you your potential and higher path. Don't discard your dreams and fantasies as merely wishful thinking. Honor them as messages from the deepest part of your being about your life's work and what you came here to do.

Things happen easily when you link with the Higher Will

Aligning with the Higher Will will guide you to take the actions that will produce the results you want. You might imagine a higher stream of energy that leads to your goal, and picture yourself joining it. Imagine that you are being joined by the Higher Will and that It is assisting you in creating whatever is for your highest good in the best and fastest way possible.

Take action only when your feeling is inviting, open, and positive. The actions you take will be aligned with the Higher Will. You will need less effort to get positive results.

Don't wait for fate to decide what will happen to you. Alignment with the Higher Will requires you to set goals, decide on the results you want, and take action.

Your Higher Self is always sending you suggestions and ideas to keep you flowing in the higher current and linked with the Higher Will. These suggestions are very gentle. You are rarely asked to make radical changes without many suggestions of simpler changes first.

You are meant to live a joyful life. You are here to create your dreams; you can create a heaven on earth for yourself. You deserve to have the best life you can imagine. Do what you love and follow your heart in every area of your life, for as you do, you are aligning with the Higher Will.

Chapter 8 Raising Your Vibration

Raising your vibration comes from opening your heart. When you feel loving, you experience more aliveness, expansion, and renewal. Love is flowing with the universe rather than resisting it. Love is a willingness to be vulnerable; it is accepting yourself and others just as you and they are. Unconditional love dissolves all separateness. As you learn to love yourself and others more, you increase your vibration. Your energy takes on the smoother, finer vibrations of the higher dimensions and you become your Higher Self.

You can open your heart more by loving yourself. Love all the parts of yourself, even those thoughts and feelings you may have labeled as negative. If you feel anger or doubt, love those feelings as much as you love your feelings of joy and peace.

Love your humanity as well as your divinity. Love your insecurities and your negative feelings. If you feel unforgiving or unloving, love those feelings too. Love all of what you call your "imperfections." You don't change them by denying or hating them. You change them by loving them. As you love your negative feelings they can evolve into their positive expressions.

As you love and accept yourself, extend the same feelings to others. People are doing the best they know how given their backgrounds, circumstances, and beliefs. Rather than judging or criticizing other people, ask yourself what you can do to make their lives better.

Love is the doorway to enlightenment

When you go to a new level of love and commitment with people, they may start acting in unlovable ways they hadn't expressed before. Love is a powerful energy. The parts of a person that have not felt loved in the past begin to feel safe enough to expose themselves. Your love creates a safe place for healing to take place. If someone has become harder to love after you have become more loving, realize that it is only happening because you have become more loving, not in spite of it.

Many of you are older souls, and you are dealing with souls that are younger than you and aren't yet able to act kind and loving as often as they would like. Learn to stop reacting to other's unkindness, rudeness, or lack of consideration for you. Reacting with hurt or pain simply takes you out of your calm, clear center. Send a thought of forgiveness and be loving and kind to everyone, no matter how they behave.

Love regenerates the cells in your body and lets your rise out of the density of the earth plane. If you see ugliness, love that too. If you see others behaving in mean, unfriendly ways, love them. Rather than criticizing others or focusing on their faults, realize that you have the opportunity to raise your vibration by loving them. As you open to love, you will experience a more beautiful world all around you.

Your Higher Self exists in a state of love. Every time you are loving, kind, forgiving, and compassionate to yourself and others, you are being your Higher Self. Learn to love everything in your life-every feeling, thought, and action you take. Think of yourself as a beautiful, loving person, doing the best you know how to grow and evolve.

1. Imagine your heart as a star, and let it radiate love and light to every cell in your body. Feel the light from your heart balancing, harmonizing, and regenerating your body, enhancing the flow of life-force energy throughout.

2. Spend a moment feeling any emotions that are present right now. Send love to each one you can identify. Take a moment to listen to your thoughts as they come into your mind. Send love to each thought as it comes up.

Chapter 12 - Choosing Your Reality: Creating Probable Futures

To grow spiritually it is important to know you create your own reality. A major turning point in your growth comes when you begin to take responsibility for everything that happens. When you realize that it is possible to create the life you want (even if you don't yet know how), you and your Higher Self, you and your soul, become the captain of your ship.

You are the source, the creator of your life. You are the one who reaches upward, grows spiritually, and connects with your Higher Self. You create your reality through your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intent, which determine your vibration and thus the people, objects, events, and circumstances you attract to your life. Your emotions and your intent determine how fast you get what you are thinking about. Everything in your life comes from a thought or feelings you have, for your inner world of thoughts and feelings creates your outer world of events, objects, and relationships. Because you create your own reality, you can choose any reality you want.

Because there is a time lag between your thoughts and their appearance in your reality, some people do not yet realize they create their reality. Yet, you could trace every event that happens to people back to a thought, picture, belief, emotion, or intent they had at some point in their lives. Every decision and choice you make is shaping your reality.

You can create any reality you want; there are no limits to what you can have.

You can create your personal reality any way you want. Right before you fall asleep is a powerful time to create a new reality. Think of the day ahead. Visualize your ideal day, and imagine yourself waking up full of energy. These thoughts will go out to the future and meet up with you the next day. Challenge yourself to imagine having even more abundance than in the past?more energy, good feelings, clarity and focus, self-love, and compassion for others. As you master creating your ideal day, start visualizing even larger things. Allow yourself to daydream and fantasize, feeling the joy and good feelings you will have when you create the reality you want. Even five minutes two or three times a week can create enormous changes in the reality you experience.

You can choose to live in the reality where your loved ones fulfill their potentials and become all they can be. You can vibrate with the reality in which they do this by loving and accepting them as they are, and simultaneously holding the thought of them growing and manifesting their potentials. If you are disappointed in a loved one, you will vibrate to the probable reality where that happens. This doesn't mean you can get them to act the way you want. Your pictures of their higher purpose and how they might act if they expressed their potential may be different from that reality. You can, however, live in a universe where your loved ones grow and expand by picturing them doing so.

As you create a vision of the reality you want, don't make yourself wrong for where you are now, but applaud each sign that the new reality you are choosing is coming into your life. When you first start picturing what you want, it usually takes time for the vision to change from energy into form and to appear in your life. It must come from the higher dimensions of the Universal Mind into your physical reality. As time goes on, you will increasingly experience the results of your new, unlimited thoughts.

You do not need to accept others' view of reality that are based on fear and scarcity; you do not need to prepare for a fearful future. You can create your own personal economy of abundance by believing in abundance and choosing this as your reality. Your future can be one of love, laughter, and inner peace. You can create your own positive future and you can choose any reality you want.

Chapter 19 - Right Use of Will

As the energy vibrations you live in move up to a new, higher octave, one of your energy centers is changing dramatically. This is the "center of will" located at your solar plexus. Humanity is moving away from having its consciousness focused in the center of will, toward having its consciousness focused in the heart center of love.

You live on a planet of free will, and your will is one of the most magnificent and powerful parts of your being. It puts into form and action the spiritual energies you are receiving from the Higher Will. Your will carries out your choices and decisions, seeks truth, and helps you stand up for what you believe in. Your will sees to it that you are self-determining and self-directing. One of the most wonderful, challenging aspects of earth-reality is learning to use your will to manifest your higher good and flow in harmony with the Higher Will.

Many cultures teach you that to get what you want you must push very hard, be manipulative or aggressive, and battle your way through obstacles. This view is based on an underlying assumption that the universe is against you and must be conquered. If you use your will as if there is an opposing force, you actually create opposing forces where there are none. Start by assuming the universe is working for you and with you to assist you in creating your higher good.

Learn to use your magnetic and wise will, rather than your forceful one.

As you grow spiritually you will learn to use your magnetic and wise will rather than your forceful will. A wise will is one that does things with thought, planning, and intention. It thinks of better ways than force to do things.

Your wise will surveys all the circumstances surrounding the issues and finds effective ways to do things with a minimum of effort. It waits until the time is right to make a move, knowing that if the time isn't right, things will take a lot more energy to accomplish. Your wise will is patient, knowing that some things take more time to accomplish. It persistently and consistently contributes the energy needed to create your goals, knowing that you don't have to do things all at once. It takes the time and steps it needs to do a good job.

Your wise will is confident, tries out new solutions, and takes the initiative. It looks for new, better ways to do things. It makes decisions not solely based on impulsive feelings but by blending them with logic and common sense.

When the actions you take are aligned with your Higher Self, you will not need force to carry them out. When you are working toward your higher goals you may need to work steadily and persistently, but you will not be pushing against resistant, unmoving forces.

You can use your forceful will on yourself, forcing yourself to do things, but not for long. Your intellect often sets goals for you and wants your forceful will to carry them out. Your forceful will may try to do what your intellect tells it to, but if your goal or the way you are pursuing it isn't for your higher good, your wise will will stop you. Your wise will follows the guidance of your Higher Self.

Your wise will is connected to the Higher Will and your Higher Self. Your wise will won't let itself be used against you; it is too powerful a force for your intellect to control. Be grateful that this powerful part of your will does not let you do things for long that aren't for your higher good. It may succeed for a while in forcing you to do things, but not for long.

Your intellect may decide that you need to lose 10 pounds, completely change your eating habits, and redo your life overnight, but that doesn't mean those changes are for your higher good. If you use your forceful will to diet, you may succeed for a while, then go back to old eating habits and gain the weight back.

You only stick to those things you love; your forceful will only succeeds temporarily in getting you to do things your Higher Self isn't guiding you to do.

Your wise will guides you to those things you love to do. Before you decide to do something, get quiet and notice your feelings about doing it. Ask yourself before you take action, "Do I really want to do this? Does it seem joyful? Is there something else I would rather do instead?" Take time to listen to your feelings. Do things only when they feel right and when you would love to do them; then you are operating from your wise will.


Preface \ xiii

Introduction: Earth Changes \ 1


1 Being Your Higher Self 9
2 Creating With Light 18
3 Connecting With the Universal Mind 28
4 Linking With the Higher Will 39
5 Seeing the Bigger Picture: Receiving Revelations 49
6 Opening Awareness of the Inner Planes 59
7 Moving into Higher Consciousness 70


8 Raising Your Vibration 79
9 Calming Your Emotions 87
10 Allowing Your Higher Good 98
11 Accelerating Your Growth 107
12 Choosing Your Reality: Creating Probable Futures 118
13 Going Through the Void 127
14 Expanding and Contracting Time 136


15 Becoming a Source of Light 149
16 Enlightenment Through Service 159
17 Lifting the Veils of Illusion 172
18 Communicating as Your Higher Self 181
19 Right Use of Will 191
20 Non-Attachment 202
21 Becoming Transparent 213
Epilogue: The Vision \ 223

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